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James Luther's 1967 Triumph

James Luther's 1967 Triumph

James Luther showcased his fully custom 1963 Triumph at the recent Ventura Nationals and took home the coveted ChopCult award created by Artist Brian Prieto and Mr. Rhythm. For James this win was a sweet victory as the bike took a few years to build, due to some non-moto-related-but-pretty-darn-important-nonetheless things coming up, like buying a new house and welcoming his sweet daughter into the world.

James entered his bike into the OG Moto Show, Born-Free, the California Moto Show, and the Hippy Killer Hoedown, but the Ventura Nationals is when life came around full circle. You see, James is a ChopCult member and used the classified section to find the first big piece for the bike, a Joe hunt mag. James' hopes are to take numerous trips this spring and we wish him nothing but open roads. Read more.
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