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The Spreckles Shovel

The Spreckles Shovel

Article and photos by Andrew - I met Jacinto “Hoss” Mendoza about 6 years ago in Salinas, CA. He’s built a few beautiful bikes in his little shop behind his house in the old company town of Spreckels, CA. Hoss currently spends the majority of his time running his industrial refrigeration company with his brother. When time permits, he tinkers with bikes in his shop. I love having a few beers with him and listening to his stories about the early 90’s lowrider scene in Salinas. This bike reflects that era. I will let him tell the story of this bike in his own words.

“I originally got this bike a couple years back in a completely different state. I knew I wanted to change the overall style of the build when I got the bike. I also wanted to build the bike back up from my influences of the early 90’s lowrider scene.

Back in those days, Salinas was really on top of the lowrider car world. A lowrider from Salinas, Loco ’64, pretty much dominated the lowrider scene back then.


That’s where these stories connect.

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