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Sean Gallagher's Black Wolf

Sean Gallagher's Black Wolf

Not many folks know that No School Choppers changed hands a few years ago. Sean Gallagher wanted the brand and products, not the new ownership, to be the primary focus. If you have had the opportunity to speak to Sean, you've come to realize he's hard-driven and focused. Sean enjoys being a part of the motorcycle community and is about to embark on a countrywide trip to support events like the Boogie East Chopper Show, Willies, Giddy Up, Born-Free, and a few other events throughout the year. When he isn't slinging No School Choppers gear, you can find him enjoying well-deserved seat time on Black Wolf and spending quality time with his wife Stefanie and son Wolfgang.

Photos by Enrique Parrilla

Owner name, location: Sean Gallagher, Denver CO

Chop Cult Member profile: Noschoolchoppers

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1950 Johnny Cash Panhead

Frame: Stock

Fork: Knucklehead springer

Chassis mods: Stock but shaved

Tire/wheel size and style: 18” rear with Allstate Dirtman, 21” front with Firestone tire.

Favorite thing about this bike: Besides riding it, my favorite thing about it is that I am really psyched on how the exhaust and sissybar came out.

Next modification will be: some wiring changes using my Flying Monkey collaboration coil mount.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I made the exhaust, sissybar, mid peg mounts. Narrow Hellings Stellings risers by VCP. The quality of the Bates-style seat by River Seat Company is top notch. Up-cycled lucky goat foot from

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I got my panhead back around 2006. It’s gone through a few different changes. This version I built about a year and a half ago after being rear-ended on the way back from a 700-mile run. I loved how the bike was before, ran great, looked good and really didn’t want to build it again. But, I guess I'm just lucky to be alive. So, with the help of some friends and insurance, I immediately started gathering new parts. Basically all that I had to use from the previous version was the engine and forks. I knew I wanted to go with an 18” rear. I had some wider H&S risers so I picked up the VCP narrow clamp. Also replaced my old Chinese tranny with a ‘50 tranny I got from Jeremiah at Love Cycles to match the year of the engine. I finished it up just before the last Love Thy Chopper show in Denver. Now I just ride it and bring it to shows that I’m vending my parts at. If you see me, come say hello and check out my stuff at the No School Choppers booth. I've had a blast the last year or so meeting lots of good people around the country.

Thanks to Enrique for his amazing photography skills, check him out @eparrillaphotos or Randal for the enginework over the years, JD at Flying Monkey Fabrication for his help, Lowbrow Customs for all the parts they carry, Shane, Woody’s Wheel Works, my wife Stefanie and son Wolfgang, Jimmy the Saint, Denver Breakfast Club, and of course Lisa at ChopCult for featuring my bike!- Sean

No School Choppers - Website / Facebook / Instagram

Editors Note: Please help me welcome member Enrique Parrilla to the ChopCult contributing team. I'm looking forward to working with him. -Lisa

Enrique Parrilla - Website / Facebook / Instagram

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