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Rain City Garage's Custom 1967 XLH

Rain City Garage's Custom 1967 XLH

The One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon, always brings in the best custom motorcycles from around the country, and there is never a shortage of killer choppers in the mix.

This super clean build caught my eye; I admit I am a sucker for a Sportster chopper, and I dug it this one. It was getting many positive comments from other show-goers, so apparently, I wasn't the only admirer. Further inspection revealed that the build came out of aptly named Rain City Garage, hailing from Mill Creek, Washington. It's always a pleasant surprise to see a sweet build come out of a Pacific Northwest shop. The area isn't known for its long riding season of warm, dry weather, and you wouldn't think it has a vibrant chopper scene, but it certainly does. After the show, I contacted Rain City Garage and got the run-down on the build from shop owner Nick Lampert. Read more

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