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Inside Triple's Paintworks

Inside Triple's Paintworks

Article and photos by Jennifer Farris

I first met Andrew (Triple) several years ago at a local bike show. He came up and introduced himself to me as I stood on an outlook high above the show. We stood there for several minutes, conversing about the show and artwork and the possibility of doing some work together.

I walked away, thinking he was a quiet dude with a bright future. I've since worked with Triple on various projects and helped him create some ads for his paintwork; my first assessment of him was correct, and I've watched him grow his skills, his confidence, and I've been impressed with his drive. He recently went out on his own and is working hard and sacrificing to make his business flourish. I've been excited for him after every single interaction, and I can tell you without reservation that you would be hard-pressed to find a more humble, hard-working artist than Triple. I expect great things from him. Keep an eye on this young buck. He's going places.

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