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Throttle Addiction's Zach Boxx and His Hardtail Sportster Chopper

Throttle Addiction's Zach Boxx and His Hardtail Sportster Chopper

 Note: this article was originally published in 2013

Zach Boxx is the owner of Throttle Addiction and recently modified his bike using parts from their expanding parts line. I'm really enjoying the latest transformation. 

Photography by Ben Christensen

 When I was a junior in high school I decided I needed to build a chopper. The problem was, I had no idea what I was doing, I didn't come from motorcycle blood lines and I had zero experience with no connections. My school had a program that would allow students to create their own independent study.  First I had to pitch the idea to the principal. To my surprise he approved it, and I had one class period a day where I was free to use the schools auto shop to take a crack at my first build.

Sportster chopper paughco frame

 As summer approached, the bike was still not complete.  Since I would lose my build space, I decided to approach a few local Indy shops.  One shop was under new ownership and decided to take me in. I spent most of that summer under the direction of a few grumpy mechanics completing my bike. That was all 10 years ago.

sportster hardtail chopper Throttle Addiction

 Time has passed, it’s gone through many updates and changes.  Recently I made the biggest overhaul.  I stripped it down to the frame, front end, and motor.  This current configuration shows off many Throttle Addiction parts.  It's also running the prototype for our frisco wassell style tank that will be available within the month.  I am also testing out a set of rabbit bars that will be released late this year.

Wassell Gas Tank

 This bike is not only the first motorcycle I built, it’s the first bike I ever owned.  Since then, many bikes have come and gone, but this one will stay with me until my last ride. 

 Owner name, location:  Zach Boxx, Eau Claire, WI

 Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1989 883 sportster, stock

 Frame: Paughco 40deg rake, 2”out 4” up

Fork: 12” over narrow glide 

Chassis mods: Tire/wheel size and style:  Avon SM 21” /Avon SM 16”

 Favorite thing about this bike:  the turning radius

 Next modification will be:  300 rear tire

 Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Throttle Addiction Frisco Wassell style tank, Throttle Addiction Wassel style fender, Throttle Addiction Rabbit Bar prototypes, custom exhaust and custom sissy bar. 

 Thanks to My parents for supporting me then, my wife for supporting me now. Everyone who has supported Throttle Addiction and helped me make a living out of a passion.

 Check out Zach's website,, for parts and give Throttle Addiction a follow on Facebook and Instagram

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