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Custom Motorcycle Paint by Scott Hoepker of Chemical Candy Customs

Custom Motorcycle Paint by Scott Hoepker of Chemical Candy Customs

 Photo by Aaron Finnin

My first contact with Scott Hoepker was through this website back in 2009. Scott shared pictures of many of his custom painted helmets and gas tanks in the main forum and used the classified section to sell his wares. Then, at a time when everyone in the scene had a blog, Scott’s blog was one of the top five blogs listed in the side panels. Scott continues to use his blog today as a format for sharing beautiful bikes and women. Fast forward a few years, Scott and I crossed paths again while helping Kirk Sharp get his event, Just Kickers, off the ground. Scott is a true southern gentleman with a heart of gold. He has attained fame through his pristine paintwork but has never allowed recognition to cloud his integrity. Please take a moment to get to know my friend Scott Hoepker aka Chemical Candy Customs.

 -Lisa Ballard

Chemical Candy Custom chopper paint

Give us your details! Name, birthplace, current location? Scott Hoepker, Dallas,Texas


Custom Painted Chopper Gas Tank Flames

 Which came first, painting or illustrations? I was always into art from an early age in school, mostly canvas paintings and then as I got older, things changed. I ordered a pinstripe kit online and started practicing, which lasted a few years.


Custom Motorcycle Paint

 When is your first recollection of art being a vital source of your day to day? I decided to pursue custom paint as a full-time gig 13 years ago. I knew I had something people wanted when the phone started to ring more than expected.


Custom Painted Gas Tank Flames Motorcycle White and Black

Is there any artwork that you wished you never let go? Yes!! There are indeed quite a few that I wished I’d of never let go of. The three that come to mind are below. 


Custom Painted Chemical Candy Customs Gas tank
Chemical Candy Customs
Purple Custom Painted Wassel Gas Tank



Custom Flames Painted Chopper Gas Tank


Which do you prefer, when a customer has some ideas as to what he/she wants for paint, or when they simply say “Go hog wild!”? I must say, nothing is better than giving an artist freedom to paint what they want! It will always turn out better that way, in my opinion. I’d say 95% of my customers let me do my thing.



Who are you favorite painters right now, or people that inspire you to paint? Artists, musicians, etc. Well let’s see here… Buck Wild. Harpoon, Sonny Boy, Shawn Long at Imperial House, Denis Babin, and Flying Weasel.


Green and Black Flames Custom Chopper Gas Tank and Fender

What would be the best tools to purchase when first starting out painting bikes / cars? Any tips you might have for beginners? A nice Sata paint gun and House of Kolor paints Other than that, don’t believe everything you see on YouTube’s step-by-step “how to paint” videos. Spend the money and take an automotive paint class and learn from a professional.

What is your favorite go-to airbrush? Iwata top feed.

Custom Painted Triumph Chopper

What paints and thinners do you prefer to use? I’ve been a sponsored artist with House of Kolor for quite a few years, and hopefully that will continue. I choose the best products because these days, you only get what you pay for. 

Custom Chopper Gas Tank

What is the hardest part about keeping creative? I’m always thinking of ways to change it up, and add a little something new, but these days the paint game is flooded with people copying other artists.


60's Style Painted Panhead

When did motorcycles come into your life? Motorcycles started for me at a young age, with my 50cc Honda, and grew from there.

Photo by Bradley Wentzel


What type of motorcycle do you ride? I have two ‘76 shovelheads and a ‘50 panhead.


 If you could pick one stretch of road that you love to ride upon which would it be and why? I’d have to say somewhere up in northern California near Yosemite, I’ve always wanted to ride my turd through a tree.

Custom Gas Tank

How long has your blog ( yes, I said it, blog!) been active? Blogs are dead! Ha, It’s still going since 2009.


Custom Shovelhead Chopper

Photo by Dean Chooch Landry

 How did you come up with the name Chemical Candy Customs? The name came from a buddy of mine, Travis, from High Test Speed and Machine. We worked on a wild tank project with a beer can and cig pack molded into the tank.


Chemical Candy Customs
Motorcycle gas tank with beer can holder
Custom chopper gas tank with beer can integrated
Beer can in chopper sportster gas tank

When did the thought of adding an apparel line come into play? The whole apparel thing happened when a couple of random artists started sending me sketches, but the whole thing ended up being a mess. Shipping tee’s was not my thing. Things are much easier now that I teamed up with Anchor Screen Printing and they handle all of it for me.

What is your best, have to go, can’t be missed, local establishment, and why? That fuckin’ Popeye’s chicken sandwich!!


Throttle Addiction Narrow sportster Gas tank

 Congratulations on the success of Boogie East! What are you guys planning for this year? We will continue to keep it stripped down, letting only ‘83 and earlier bikes through the gate. Bike week has plenty of chopper shows but the new bikes are always mixed in with the old; so pissing off a few folks by telling them they can’t ride their FatBoy through the gate is well worth it for a good show. Follow Boogie East on Instagram for updates and complete information.

 What are some of the events you plan on attending in 2020? Southern Throwdown, Born-Free, Fuel Cleveland, and the Shed Run.

 Who’s always has your back? I gotta say my childhood buddy Rob Clague aka Doctor Rob.

Where can our followers see more of your work and buy your apparel? They can check out my website for new paintwork, fancy ladies, and event coverage. You can follow me on Instagram @chemicalcandycustoms. Big thanks to Anchor Screen Printing for helping me with my apparel,, and thanks to everyone that supported me along the way. -Scott

This Article was originally published in March of 2020.


Narrow Sportster Chopper Gas Tank throttle Addiction
Coffin Chopper Gas Tank


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