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The Daily: Andrew Trenkamp's Flyingt1t

The Daily: Andrew Trenkamp's Flyingt1t

Article and photos by Benny Stucker - I first met Andrew Trenkamp at the last Boogie Farm Clam Jam. Dude was ripping up the track, kicking up dust, and blasting around every turn. He finally came off the track for a break and I got to check out what his bike looked like. I was blown away by how much fabrication and engineering went into his bike! Really nuts! 

I didn't get to chat with him much ‘cause he was back out on the track and in the blink of an eye he went down and chewed up his foot and had to be hauled off in an ambulance! Dude smiled the whole time he was being taken away on a stretcher. A real trooper! Since that day I've gotten to run into him all the time at events around the Midwest. And also watch him through Instagram working on projects and helping his daughter build whatever her heart desires! If you ever see him around check out his bike and shake his hand. - Benny

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