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Win a Truck + Chopper + $5,000!
Win a Truck + Chopper! 10X Entries Activated




Article and photos by Blane Johns - After years of looking at photos of classic style choppers, Steven Lee “Slim” George decided to put together one of his own. The goal was a traditional style chop with some newer tech for added reliability. Killer chop builds tend to start with finding a suitable frame. Steven had heard rumors of a vintage piece that might be available, and ended up scoring a “Jimmy Allen Special” custom built classic. “The frame was built before I was born by Jimmy Allen and Big Donnie. It was passed down to me to carry on the tradition of hand built, not bought bikes”, Steven Lee elaborates. Since Steven rides at least 10k miles a year, rain or shine, he decided on the ever-reliable evo motor for the power plant. He rummaged up a 4-speed gearbox, gave it a rebuild, then finished it off with an open primary and a jocky-shift. 

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