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Dirty Little

Dirty Little

Article and photos by Jennifer Farris - I’ve been following Hank Doss and his bike building adventures since I saw his bike, Glitterbug, a little over a year ago. Then when Dirty Little popped up on the scene, I knew I had to photograph this awesome little Panhead. A diehard fan of vintage style choppers, Hank has collected parts and pieces throughout the years, and has assembled a couple of genuinely stunning bikes. From the leaf spring to the hardtail, Dirty Little is a true testament of hard work and dedication to the craft of bike building. As a long-time member of the southern Arizona chopper scene, Hank has been involved in many local rides and events. The friendships developed over the years have all seem to have had a hand in making the Dirty Little vision come to life. And, really, isn’t that what it’s all about? -Jennifer

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