Artist Showcase with Scott Hoepker at Chemical Candy

Artist Showcase with Scott Hoepker at Chemical Candy

Article by Lisa Ballard

Photo by Aaron Finnin 

My first contact with Scott Hoepker was through this website back in 2009. Scott shared pictures of many of his custom painted helmets and gas tanks in the main forum and used the classified section to sell his wares. Then, at a time when everyone in the scene had a blog, Scott’s blog was one of the top five blogs listed in the side panels. Scott continues to use his blog today as a format for sharing beautiful bikes and women. Fast forward a few years, Scott and I crossed paths again while helping Kirk Sharp get his event, Just Kickers, off the ground. Scott is a true southern gentleman with a heart of gold. He has attained fame through his pristine paintwork but has never allowed recognition to cloud his integrity. Please take a moment to get to know my friend Scott Hoepker aka Chemical Candy Customs. 

Give us your details! Name, birthplace, current location? Scott Hoepker, Dallas,Texas

 Which came first, painting or illustrations? I was always into art from an early age in school, mostly canvas paintings and then as I got older, things changed. I ordered a pinstripe kit online and started practicing, which lasted a few years.

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