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Wassell Carburetor 930 Evolution Concentric Carb

Wassell Carburetor 930 Evolution Concentric Carb

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These Wassell carburetors have come to fruition after the patent for the iconic Amal concentric carburetor expired.  Plainly, it's an exact copy of the Amal premier carb at a discounted price. All of your original OEM jets and fittings will fit on this British carb.  If you're looking to freshen up your old British motorcycle and don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a new set of premier Amal carbs, these could do the trick.  It comes with a new stay up float that is puncture resistant and resistant to corrosion from today's modern fuel.  The slides are hard anodized alloy for smoother action, reduced wear with less risk of throttle stick.  The pilot jet is now easily removable and it all comes with a single banjo fitting and a short velocity tube.  Specific to right and left side.


  • 200 main jet
  • 106 needle jet
  • 3.0 slide
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