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November 2008 - Morty

My very best buddy Morty ("Morty The Official Shop Cat") passed away from natural causes last Sunday, Oct. 4th.  Morty was the best pet I ever had, and I documented many things ol' Mort did over the years with the expressions and adventures he did around the garage and shop.  This BLOG introduced me to many fellow motorcycle enthusiasts over all the years.  I remember trying to figure out how to post photos, type text, etc...and this first photo was my test to see if I could do it.   I'd see this big, biker dudes at swap meets and events, and one of the first things they'd ask is..."How's Morty?"  It was pretty cool.  The blogs are a dying method (almost gone fully actually), but there was a time when it was the hottest and best way to get the word out, meet people, they were just awesome !  Each time I get on here to post, Google makes weird changes, and you gotta learn all this crap again... it's like - Nothin' lasts forever for sure.  Makes me sad.  Buy hey... I got an Instagram (for short attention spans I call it) - and I still post on that.  I'll try to send a post now and then, but it just ain't the same - and I'll miss Morty, and I already miss the blogs - but times change - and we just got to go onward into the future - but never sell those old Harleys and keep the vintage bike spirit alive - and maybe I'll see or hear from you all soon?  Thanks for the great times we've had !  -Noot

Pawn Shop UL

My dad's friend found this at a pawn shops years ago... now rebuilt and ready to hit the road again... Old Harley Never Die !


Old Panhead Pistons Just Keep On Jumpin'

The day I rode to West Gate, Arlington, Brandon, Troy Mills, Coggon, Central City, Waubeek, Vinton, New Hartford, Shell Rock and Clarksville... and a whole lotta other places !

#52 for a Fifty Two


1967 Shovelhead

Got this '67FLH motor about wrapped up.  It came in really gross and rusty - but now it's ready for action !  Bone stock - but tight.  1967 was the 2nd year of the shovelhead engine production.  I reused and detailed about all the fasteners, except the case bolts nuts and rocker slotted nuts (from Colony).

The 80s rock kept me on task....

Just a tent and a tooth brush...

 Took a short trip - did some chopper campin' south of Dubuque.  Bottom photo is Guttenburg, Iowa.

1964 Sportster

I've been riding this some more lately....maybe make a run this weekend to a swap meet in Hugo, Minnesota.  I can only buy as much as my pockets and saddlebags will hold...might be a good idea !


Iowa's Island City

Did you know my late aunt was the mayor of this town once...?
The good 'ol days !
Rollin' on the River !

Steel Primary Adjuster Shoe

The early primary chain adjusters didn't have the "nylon shoe" on the adjuster just had this soft metal pad, permanently attached.  The pad wore just a tiny bit(where the chain grooves started to show) and you didn't want to run your chain over tight..  The face of the adjuster was a bit narrower to fit a KR(XLCH type) tin primary cover.  The clutch basket was narrower, so the shoe had to be a bit narrower too.  I've found those nylon pads aren't always the best since the retainers often come loose, and the nylon shavings from the pad can clog your countershaft needle bearing oiler.

I built this motor...tuning by Hartman...

Hartman's mill.  I went thru this ripper years ago - and it still runs pretty good.  You do your best, try not to skip steps or cut corners...and sometimes you get lucky.  He runs 2 carbs on everything - and he's good at it.  Tuning, jetting - he makes it work.  This bike is insane with details !


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