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SugarBear came by my shop warming party to say Hi!

We moved into our new place right before Thanksgiving and I was immediately on a mission to fix up the barn to get it into the type of shop I have always dreamed of and worked so hard these last 15 years to get into.  I have a nice machine shop built inside the barn for work time, as well as now some lofted deck areas for the party time.

I had the Inaugural Barn break in party the Friday night before the Donnie Smith Bike show.  Many good friends came from all over the country to attend, including good friend legend and someone I hold dear to my heart as a mentor..SUGARBEAR!  All my MN friends that didn't come.. sucks for you!!
The party was awsome Red Desert jammed all night and good times and Mayhem went until the sun came up!  Check out the Gophers and Cheese Blog for some cool pics and posts about the party!

Born Free 6

Well its that time of year again, Born Free 6 is coming up fast and I have a lot to do!
My 1940 ULH motor is back from its full rebuild over at good friend Lee of Lee's Speed Shop.
He did the old girl up right with some custom ground hot cams and few other tricks he likes to do when he rebuilds the old iron.  I am excited to hear this old tractor come to life!!

After last years Born Free 5 dual carb pan build which won the best pan award, I was getting ready to try and out do that one and go with some crazy dual carb knuck.  Well I have recently moved to a new home and the costs of setting up the new shop and getting my family back in order in this place has depleted my funds to try and put together a knuck like that.  So instead this year I will be bringing just a simple good old fashioned bike that will be of my style and built to ride all over the country as I did on my old knuck... no bling, no overdone engraved stuff..just a nice parkerized/black/ blasted aluminum type of a cool vintage bike.  I do appreciate when guys spend months building kick ass frames and narrowing original springers and the such but in the future that stuff will only go down in value, the uncut original stuff is what will be worth way more for my kids to have when I am gone.  So for this build I found a correct original 1940 frame to use with the 40 motor and has a oem uncut original springer.   Stay tuned as I bring this to school and start working on it with my students in the chopper class.  One last bit of good news to announce is that Harley-Davidson is sponsoring the shipping of my build to California and back for the show.  The Cali kids have it easy for this one but for those of us coming across the country, this is an expensive trip and takes a lot of time to get there and back.  Without Harley stepping up I almost had thoughts of having to pull out of the show..THANKS HARLEY!

Happy 2014 new stuff for sale

I hope everyone has a great new year, we are looking forward to it here at the new Vintage Bike Addiction compound.
We have a new in stock supply of Black Knuckle shirts for sale

Remember we are the main U.S. source now for the aluminum Morad rim DRILLED for spool hub or harley hubs!  18,19,21&23 sizes

We now also are the supplier of the rare Firestone 21" x 2.75  chopper tires..these are tube style tires NOT CLINCHER!

Any questions please send to
Have a great 2014 all!!!


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