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A note for help

From Andrew Trenkamp / flyingt1t - Looking for some assistance from the community to help pay for expenses due to the passing of a great guy, my friend, Bruce Plumb. AKA BruceMan!!!
Bruce was one of the most stand up individuals I've ever met, a hardened shell looking teddy bear is my greatest description. Bruce recently had his bike, pictured below, dropped off at a shop to have some electrical cleaned up and some minor other things. 
This bike was his pride and joy, his baby. Bruce's baby just got finished yesterday as he rode off into clouds. I wish he could have got one more ride! Any donations will be used to pay the shop bill on his baby, medical, and the unexpected expenses for his family.
If you can help in any way, any amount, it will all be appreciated!
I sincerely Thank You!!!!!
Ride in peace BruceMan! - Andrew

New Focus Feature: Georgia Grundle Run

One thing we love about focus features is the author's first-hand account. Everyone has their memories when it comes to events, but looking through Derek Sikes' imagery makes us wish we had the opportunity to attend the Georgia Grundle Run. A bonus is Derek shot on film, which makes the feature feel like it happened in the '70s. Grab a cold and check out Derek's handy work here. Be sure to support The 4th Annual Georgia Grundle Run on September 18-20th. Peace!

Support Those Who Support You!

Please take a moment to purchase some CC gear and help support the community. 100% of the proceeds raised benefit We appreciate your endless support.

Way to go Lowbrow Customs!

"Purchase a pin and we will donate the full $5 to the American Red Cross. Wear it proud and show your support. Every 8 minutes someone affected by disaster is helped by the Red Cross. We started this charity pin drive with the Lowbrow All American lapel pin, but sold through all 500 in the last 3 days, raising $2500 for the American Red Cross! We decided to keep this charity drive going with this cool and popular Winged Wheel lapel pin. Full purchase price will be donated directly to the American Red Cross. Thank you! Our winged motorcycle wheel design as a small lapel pin. Die cast pin, nickel-plated with white enamel highlights, 1 inch high." - Lowbrow Customs

Save some cash with Painthuffer this weekend

Our friends at Painthuffer are running their annual Easter Sale and marked down most of their metal flake. Our 33 Custom Mix is eleven bucks per jar until Sunday at midnight, and a portion of the sale benefits Moto F.A.M.

On the Road With Panhead Jim

Click here to check out Jim's first-hand account for the Music City Road Run. 

Save some cash with Dixxon

Click here to save some cash with Dixxon Flannel Co. 

Read this post and support LI Racing

Please take a moment to support the LI Racing team = Matt Mendez, Christian Price, Matt Gonzalez, Manny Rosa, Jeremy Torres, and Matt's wife, Barbara Mendez. LI Racing is known for creating top-quality motorcycle parts, CNC routing, machine shop work, and more. They have designed and are now manufacturing reusable respirators for first responders and healthcare workers. Please help us spread the word.
"We have been humbled by our community with the amount of support we have received so far and are proud to say phase one of our PPE production is officially complete. As you can see some masks have already reached healthcare workers in the frontlines.
Our estimated Phase Two funding will be utilized to produce enough masks per week to cover one small hospital's entire staff. Go here for more info and GoFundMe page,
Stay safe.

and never forget-


Thanks to @chris_koutsis for helping us with the first #gofundme, he was a huge help."
The LI Racing Team

Have a 3D Printer? Click here to learn how to make a difference

Check out Benny and Amy's CSSTL coverage

Benny Stucker sent in a plethora of vertical shots so we'll be sharing them here throughout the week. Be sure to check out Amy and Benny's Cycle Showcase coverage here. Stay safe!

From our friends at the NorCal Cycle Swap

"Well, we held out hope as long and stubbornly as possible, but we have been shut down for the April 5th swap. Because of the Governor’s order and other restrictions, we are FORCED to cancel. This is not by choice. We will update you on any updates we receive or a possible replacement event. Thank you for your understanding, believe us, we wanted to run it! We’ll credit any orders placed for the new NorCal Cycle and Car Swap June 7th. Please contact Mike -Otto - Deutsch at with any issues or concerns. Be safe out there folks! Sign up for our newsletter for the 411 on all swaps"-Otto and Hater


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