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OH SHIT! I fired up the sears around three oclock today and it ran so great. I blipped the throttle and my oil pump drive belt flun off. I retarded the spark and killed it as quickly as I could andshut it down. Ray noticed that my primary chain didn't line up with my clutch. I put the bike on the lift pulled the chain and pulled my sprocket out like this! Man oh man this is unfortunate. Apparantly we picked the wrong metal for the sprocket shaft and pulled the threads. Luckily my cases are not damaged and I have a couple spare motors. I am going to convert it back to a stock set up and run it with total loss oiling for the run. between designing prototyping and brain storming our team probably have 12oo hours invested into converting the spacke motor to pressurized oiling. I am not giving up on a recirculating oil system but rather just putting it on hold till this winter

here is the keyway for the sprocket shaft. I think that I am going to try having some one piece flywheels made up this winter to avoid any problems like this. it is very unfortunate and the timing couldnt be much worse, I am just thankful that I have the spare parts to get it running again. This motor sounded unbelievably good before it let loose. I wish I would have recorded it so you could hear it too! I cant wait to have the stroker motor set up again.

here is the bottom end coming apart

pinion flywheel off, check out the sprocket hole lol.

there is the nut and some metal shavings in the bottom end. eak. It would be pretty easy to get discouraged or upset by this, but there are a lot of positives, 1. This happened at the shop 2, I have a week to put it back together and ride it 3. It didn't happen on national television 4. My cases are not damaged. 5. it happened on a thursday and I was able to find pistons and rings in time to get them overnighted to our shop and not have to wait until monday for motor parts. Etc etc

I am sure there are more, but they escape me right now. It will all work out and I will have my cannonballer bike. Wish me luck I need it more than ever.

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18th Annual Indian Larry Block Party


Event Name: 18th Annual Indian Larry Block Party

Date: Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021

Location: 70 N 15th St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

18th Annual Indian Larry Grease Monkey Block Party

The Indian Larry Block Party returns for the 18th year, and trust us– you don't want to sit this one out. This year's block party will take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021 beginning at 12 p.m., and we're thrilled to announce our plans for the event. Read below for more details on what to expect at the 18th Annual Indian Larry Block Party.



Grindhouse Gallery: Motorcycle + Art Exhibition

This year, Indian Larry Motorcycles will host the first ever “Grindhouse Gallery: Motorcycle + Art Exhibition” during the weekend of the 18th Annual Block Party. The gallery will take place in a beautifully renovated warehouse/boiler room located in the back lot of the shop. Grindhouse Gallery will feature a hand-curated display of 20 motorcycles from some of the most talented builders in the country including Billy Lane, Paul Cox, and Roland Sands. Grindhouse Gallery will also feature work from renowned artists and craftsmen in the bike industry including Darren McKeag, David Uhl, and Jeff Decker. The gallery will open on Friday, September 17 with a VIP cocktail event that evening, and will be open to the public on Saturday, September 18 during the Block Party. Stay tuned for more information regarding the opening event taking place on Friday.


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