New: The Dicey Campout Motorcycle Board Game and VOL4

"The worst motorcycle game you'll ever play." This motorcycle-themed board game is unlike most games. That could be good or bad. You and some pals have decided to ride your sleds to a campout and party! As you know, things don't always go to plan. Breakdowns, distractions, and unfortunate events always appear at the worst times. Take detours, and shortcuts, and visit interesting establishments. Ride through the city and into the country as you find out who your true friends are. Then, screw over those dirtbags before they screw you! Drag pegs so you're not the creep holding up the party!

Includes: 20x20 professionally made game board in full color, (1) die, (6) playing pieces and instructions. Artist Rob Hudnut takes full blame for the game design, gameplay, development, and illustration. "I've always loved playing games of all kinds. Growing up, we had board games, cards, dice, and mazes. Video games were just crude 2D images on our VIC-20 in the '80s. I've developed many games over the years, but this game seemed to make sense right now. I really wanted to see this one go full circle. From idea to a playable design, and finally, a game laid out on tables around the world. I’ve always dreamed of making a game that people would get to play outside of friends and family. I’m super excited to know that loads of people will be playing my game in other states and other countries!"

And here we are 4 years down the line from the start and offering another Book of How-To! Vol. 4 (ADD LINK) is packed with tips, tricks, and motorcycle DIY goodness! Fully illustrated cover to cover, just like the 3 volumes before. The Greasy Reaper Book of How-To Vol. 4. This book measures 8.5"x 8.5" and weighs 1 pound! Over 100 pages of custom illustrations, helpful how-to knowledge, and tips and tricks for working on motorcycles, choppers and building custom parts. These books are designed for average people with average skills and average tools. Any motorcycle enthusiast can benefit from this info!



Vol 1

Totally different content in each volume, each book covers separate how-to topics. Own them all!


Quad Squad: All 4 volumes at discounted price

The Dicey Double: The game and Vol.4 + FREE color book (while supplies last) discounted price

The Dicey Collection: The game and all 4 volumes + color book (while supplies last) discounted price

About the Artist: "My family has a long history with motorcycles. My great-grandmother owned a flathead rigid Harley and rode it everywhere. My uncle had many bikes, and there are many stories! My folks rode 2-up on their Norton Commando for YEARS, before and after my brother and I were born. My dad customized British bikes and commuted to work every day, year-round, save for only ice and snow. He primarily rode his Norton but also rode a Triumph and Moto Guzzi. They were members of many organizations, like the AMA, and worked the corners at the local track during bike races. I caught the bug before I was born. I started out with a Honda XR75 in 6th grade. Rode that bike every day I could up and down our urban neighborhood street after school with my brother. I’ve had many bikes over the years, including several Harleys. I work on all my own stuff in my garage. Paint, pinstripe, leatherworking and fabricating. I’ve ridden year-round, just like my folks. I think it’s cool to know a bit about an artist. I always ask myself questions when I see the artwork, like, “Who IS this guy? Some dude that draws well, but have they ever got out from behind the art desk? Have they even ridden a bike or worked on one on the side of the road?” All the tips, tricks, how-to's, and ideas in my books combine wrenching, riding, and getting help and advice from friends and family over the years. Please consider following me on IG (greasyreaper) for new content and sales! Thank you so much for your interest in my artwork!" - Rob Hudnut - Greasy Reaper

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