East Coast Friends! Support the Wild Rabbit Show!

The Wild Rabbit show started in 2015, and has grown exponentially since. It is an opportunity for lifelong motorcycle enthusiasts & total strangers to the scene alike to get together, check out some awesome bikes & have a pretty wild party.

Every year it is held at our beloved Naco Taco, a local taqueria in Cambridge, MA. Every year, their amazing staff go above & beyond to make sure everyone is stuffed with good food & great drinks. DJ L’Duke will be there, creating one of the most epic dance parties you’ll probably ever go to.

The motorcycle competition itself is open to anyone & everyone! There are NO submissions required. Simply show up with your bike, find a good spot to park it, grab an entry ticket, fill out your info & hang it on your handlebar. It’s done people’s choice style; attendees will be given voting stub packets, one stub for each category. Winner takes home the trophy & the glory!

Check out our website for complete details.

More Information: Facebook Event listing / Instagram

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