Working Class Hero: Brett Logan

Brett Logan is a ChopCult member and graphic designer whose visual aesthetic has found a captive audience in today’s custom motorcycle scene. Under the studio moniker LoganDesignworks, this 12-year veteran of the brand-building game has amassed a healthy portfolio in the chopper business. “Working Class Hero” is a ChopCult feature that gives props to bootstrap capitalists and blue-collar guys like Brett.


The man, his motorcycle, and a sample of the cool stuff that pays the bills

Brett Logan

Age: 35 

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

LOGAN 2.jpg

Education: BFA with emphasis in Graphic Design from Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

Past and present chopper-related clients:

  • Ardcore Choppers
  • Flyin' Aces MC
  • Hell Mutts
  • Lick's Cycles
  • Image One High Performance Art
  • Meyerbuilt Metalworks
  • Nash Motorcycle Co.
  • Olddaze
  • Suicide Wheels.blogspot
  • The Big Shindig (Vancouver Rod and Custom Show)


3D work in progress: Brett sweating the details, sans mouse.


Business philosophy: Graphic design is really all about communication--trying to communicate to people what you and your brand are all about. I think many times people underestimate the power that comes from a solid brand and clear, professional marketing materials. I try to approach each project as a problem to be solved, working as a partner with the client. Having a fancy computer and software and the skills to use them only gets you halfway--you have to think your way through each design challenge and hopefully you can successfully combine great aesthetics with a meaningful solution. I try to work fast and keep costs low. A small business owner shouldn't have to give up his third born to have custom graphics for his business. A great design is like a great bike build: form and function working together.

logan 4.jpg

In his own words: I didn't grow up around motorcycles or wrenching. Like most of us, I started out as a kid tearing all over town on my BMX--do kids still do that? Then I got into skating, mostly street and home-built ramps. I got pretty heavy into mountain biking for a while, I think for the same reason I like riding motorcycles: the freedom of riding, carving through a new route, wind in your face, all that stuff. Most MTB rides consisted of hitting nearby singletrack on my own. I take the same approach when I ride my motorcycle, rarely riding with anyone else unless there's a real reason to do so. I've got a late-model Sportster project now. It's been wrecked and salvaged so I plan on getting it roadworthy as my daily rider then doing some major chopping on it someday. It's funny; I started out on bigger bikes and have gradually worked my way “down” to a Sportster. They’re light, fast, great-handling, and a good build platform, I love ‘em.

Brett's blog and portfolio

Brett's ChopCult profile


Brett's creative solutions add visual distinction and brand cohesion to his client's marketing tools and materials.

If you toil in today’s chopper trenches to earn a living, we want to hear about it. Please email your bio and vitals to If your story touches our heart, we’ll give you 15 minutes of fame on the ChopCult news feed.

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Commented on 8-26-2009 At 09:07 pm

solid work for sure!

Commented on 8-27-2009 At 05:21 am

Logi is good people for sure! And kinda dreamy too

Commented on 8-27-2009 At 07:00 am

2 thumbs up logi...err or is it 2 thumbs up,logi? err never mind you get what I mean..
Good dude, he killed it on our shirt design..Turned it out quick even though if I recall his Lady was about to pop out a couple kids...yep,that's right a couple...

Commented on 8-27-2009 At 11:49 pm

from one graphic designer to another...very nice. I'm just getting started in the game

Commented on 8-29-2009 At 06:40 am

Awesome work!!

Commented on 8-29-2009 At 10:15 pm

This guy does great work and is really easy to work with. We are VERY HAPPY with our new "CHOPPER SYNDROME" logo.


Commented on 8-30-2009 At 05:14 pm

Man, now I know who's responsible for all those classy layouts. I really dig your style.

Commented on 8-30-2009 At 08:39 pm

Logi is the man...for sure when it come to graphics....

Commented on 9-2-2009 At 04:16 am

Top quality shit!

Commented on 10-14-2009 At 11:15 pm

really nice write up i dig it!

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