Wompy's 1979 Kawasaki KZ650


The question with a tool-and-die maker turned motorcycle builder isn't whether or not something is possible, but rather which way to solve the problem. When you stare at parts and machinery for a living as Juan P. Munoz does, you develop the kind of mechanical wisdom amateurs can barely dream of.

Ol' Wompy's bike of choice is Kawasaki's venerable KZ. To understand why he calls his dream machine the OCD-KZ, peek at the details that make Wompy's bike so unique. Things like his wire-to-hydro front brake, speed hole brackets, floating exhaust baffle, handlebars, radiused mags, Delrin stacks and assorted other widgets and gizmos speak to the man's talent and make this old rice burner a one-of-a-kind.



Name: Juan P. Munoz

Location: Corona, CA

Bike name: OCD-KZ

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: '79 KZ650 with 4-into-1 headers, Mikuni 4-pack with dual K&N combo

Frame: Stock rake, custom welded-in triangulated hardtail, powdercoated bronze

Fork: Stock, lowered, right leg shaved

Chassis mods: All unnecessary tabs removed, BMX pegs, battery plate welded in 

Tire/wheel size and style: 19"/16" Conti twins on stock 7-spoke wheels which I painstakingly rounded all the corners and painted black with polished lip 

Favorite thing about this bike: Going 60-100mph and 60-0mph

Next modification will be: fork brace, top end rebuild & wiseco 700cc kit, bumping up the ponies to 77hp

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Front and rear Tokico brake adaptor brackets, rotor carriers and floating buttons; undermounted M/C; stainless bars; Kawi H1 modified perches; modified Sporty tank to match curve of frame; seat pan; adjustable fender struts; Delrin velocity stacks with dual-throat K&N's

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I started this build March 2009 and had it on the streets in August, one week after Born Free 1. I stayed up til 5:00 am that Saturday, went to sleep for three hours and kept going but ran into a couple issues that grounded me. Bummed but determined to get it roadworthy I did so in time for the Street Chopper premier party at the Screamin' Chicken in Duarte, CA.

Thanks to: Aces Choppers for helping with the hardtail, Nunez Upholstery, Kelly at Morro's Cycles, and my friend Matt for helping with the TIG duties

Visit Wompy's blog to learn more

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Commented on 10-25-2010 At 06:17 am

Fucking bad ass. Love those bars, and the taillight, and the compass...great job!!

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 07:14 am

This bike is a true one off and always good to look at for outside the box inspiration.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 07:46 am

Nice job on the "plumbing". Keep up the good work.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 09:02 am

oh the bits and pieces!

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 10:23 am

This bike is so sweet. One kick and she fires right up and sounds like she is ready to race in the Indy 5 hundo. Even better in person to see all the attention to detail.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 10:40 am

Saw this for the first time in one of the Beer Booter event threads and couldn't stop looking at it. Really fucking cool.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 11:17 am

gotta see and hear it in person to realize how rad a scoot this really is

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 11:31 am

Wompy's the real deal!

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 04:27 pm

Wompy is a RULER!

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 05:09 pm

Neat bits to make up a cool KZ. That exhaust kills.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 05:13 pm

sweet bike.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 05:14 pm

Fantastic work and detail. One of my fav bike series. Great work and craftsmanship.


Commented on 10-25-2010 At 06:18 pm

Wompys kZ is just tastey with details.. a real sleeper.. love it.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 06:42 pm

If I didnt know you were the owner Wompy I would think tweaker got ahold of her! You molested every part on that rig to righteousness.
Besides your front brake set up I still dig the hell out of your rear brake foot peddle. Dont freak out if you find a burnt incense cone on it ...

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 07:22 pm

seems like you covered everything and now you are probably bored of it, why dont I take that off your hands and you can have my slightly molested kz650 in return.

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 08:56 pm

This is my favorite chopped Japper bike and Whompy is my favorite Costa Rican...
Whompy rides the shit out of this bike every time he gets a chance, overlooked all the time by hardcore bikers and true ironic skater scenesters, this bike commands absolute respect by the amount of engineering as well just the pure fact it starts and runs like a champ every time Whompy needs to run'er...

Commented on 10-25-2010 At 09:56 pm

good work bud,, gotta get together and work out a front brake bracket for my ol scoot

Commented on 10-26-2010 At 06:24 am

What they said . . . love it!

Commented on 10-26-2010 At 08:37 pm

Son of a bitch!

Commented on 10-27-2010 At 07:50 am

Thanks for the love, guys. This bike was supposed to be a quick turn around but I think I went a little overboard on some things. Why does this always happen?
It just became this monstrosity of custom goodness, sprinkling pixie dust and unicorn poop on unsuspecting weekend outlaws, hipsters and wannabes leaving them scratching their heads wondering what the fuck is that gadget on my bottom tree.

Commented on 10-28-2010 At 04:57 pm

that pixie dust is some good shit see you at slab city pro

Commented on 11-4-2010 At 09:29 am

Yea, everything above covers it, but DAMN. The front end alone can start 100 conversations. Best Kawi ever.

Commented on 11-8-2012 At 12:56 pm

Interesting style, not sure if I like the MX pedals on the bike.

Commented on 2-3-2016 At 04:18 pm

Awesome bike! How's the riding position? I'm working with a buddy on a '78 KZ650 & we're trying to figure out if we'll need to move the forward controls or not... I see you haven't done that. Are you a tall dude? I'm just under 6', and we're doing a swingarm extension hardtail, with a 4" extension.

Great job again man, amazing details. Really inspirational for a novice like myself.

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