Wes White's Pre-Unit Triumph


We popped by Four Aces Cycle in Pacoima Beach the other day for a visit with our friend Wes White. The Shaman of all things Triumph in SoCal's smoggy industrial valley is an affable fellow who's always ready to shoot the bull over industry gossip, firearms and of course motorcycles. His crusty pre-unit Triumph is just about ready for the El Diablo Run coming up in May; all it needs is a battery and chain and she'll be ready to go. Anyone who's too scared to ride his bagger to San Felipe should take one look at what Wes rides, then admit he's is a pussy.


Owner: Wes White

Location: Pacoima Beach, CA 

Bike name: The 1950

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1957 Tiger 110 motor, 750 Sonny Routt big bore kit with ported dual-carb 9-bolt head.  Harmon and Collins TT track cams

Frame: Stock rake and Stretch 1948 Triumph SpeedTwin Frame, chromed in the 1950's

Fork: Stock 1950-1955 Triumph front end with nacelle style top clamp and Superior fork covers

Chassis mods: None

Tire/wheel size and style: 19" rear wheel on stock Triumph sprung hub; WM 21" front wheel with 1950-1954 Type 7 drum brake

Favorite thing about this bike: The old chrome frame. I just love it when guys chromed the whole frame back in the day

Next modification will be: Switch out Flanders handlebars to Biltwell Aces bar and Barnett dual throttle to replace the problematic pre-unit Triumph throttle

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Bates rear fender and custom Jeff Leighton bent sissy bar. Tricor racing gas tank and swoopy Superior header pipes. Webco extra spark plug holder, Superior sidestand, Webco alloy license plate and MCM Lucas style taillight assembly. Original black plate still registered to the bike

Cool back story: Bike was bought from a crunchy granola nerd in San Jose, complete with fleece jacket and college sticker on the fork. I rebuilt the motor and trans and changed out the seat, tank, fender, sissy bar, handlebars etc. First time I rebuilt the motor it was a hopped up 650cc. Bike has been through two or three incarnations. Incarnation number two made it through the El Diablo Run in 2008. That was a proud moment. Blew up the motor about a year after that and now have a hopped-up 750 motor in it. 

Thanks to: Thanks to my buddy Jeff Leighton for making the sissy bar and pegging me home that night from Sunland when the motor went south and gently bugging me to get it done. Thanks to Frankie B. my Triumph guru and friend for porting the head and helping me channel Jack Hately's ridiculously fast ghost into the bike

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Commented on 3-14-2011 At 07:39 am

all kinds of cool little bits and pieces.

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 09:30 am

crusty. i like it

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 09:40 am

awesome chain guard

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 11:03 am

"Anyone who's too scared to ride his bagger to San Felipe should take one look at what Wes rides, then admit he's is a pussy"

Fuck Yeah

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 04:16 pm

that plug holder is cool as shit. love the bike.

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 07:07 pm

"Anyone who's too scared to ride his bagger to San Felipe should take one look at what Wes rides, then admit he's is a pussy"

I admit it damned it! I am what I eat....

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 07:59 pm

I was riding behind Wes on EDR in 08 when he was on that bike and I swear a piece of a piston ring shot out of his exhaust and hit me in the face. Also, I was on a beater '74 cb750 and had trouble keeping up with his pre unit. Fast.

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 08:30 pm

bike is cool and so is wes super nice guy hes done work on all my budies triumphs if you need to know something about a trump hes the man

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 08:40 pm

That thing's got soul for days.

Commented on 3-14-2011 At 08:58 pm

I gotta get the pain scheme off that chain guard. That would deck out a nice set of sheet metal. I'm not too sure about that rear view mirror. I don't think that was installed to the manufacturer's specifications.... oh well...


Commented on 3-15-2011 At 06:13 am

Awesome! Love it!

Commented on 3-15-2011 At 08:15 am

SO many different customizations on this bike but by its looks most of us wouldn't think that they have been done. Old Trumps just have a certain coolness to them. I wish I could get a hold of my father in laws Bonny.
Great job on the bike for the third time now.

Commented on 3-15-2011 At 10:54 am

now thats a sweet ol scoot

Commented on 3-15-2011 At 12:56 pm

I love me some Wes White!

Commented on 3-15-2011 At 03:26 pm

Wes has given' me advice several times via email. The dude doesn't even know me and he's always willing to help. Awesome bike....

Commented on 3-15-2011 At 10:00 pm

i hate triumphs and i hate wes, too, but i'll be damned if i dont heart this bike

Commented on 3-15-2011 At 10:40 pm

Thanks for the love gents. I do love this bike.

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 07:08 am

that is a sweet ride

Commented on 3-17-2011 At 03:24 pm

Sweet ride - love how the 70s painted chain guard breaks up the eggshell paint job

Commented on 3-21-2011 At 03:23 pm

Painting your chainguard and nothing else is the new "donk"!

I'm sure Wes is always thinking "what's gonna be cool tomorrow".

I have those same pipes, what happened to the old ones?


Commented on 8-24-2011 At 05:27 pm

I have got an old Kawasaki Bushmaster I have been trying to find a direction. I your bike points my in the right direction.

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