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In honor of Memorial Day, I would like to introduce you to our friends, Butch Lynch, Brian Meyer and Robert Blanton, co founders of Warfighter Made. These gentlemen are creating a buzz in Southern California for their dedication to their fellow comrades.


"Warfighter Made, is a melding of three similar ideals that embody the overcoming of mental, physical, and spiritual barriers.

Butch Lynch was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2005 and was given a 5% chance of survival. Beating the odds, Butch wanted to help others, so he turned his appreciation for life to those who made a positive impact on his, and started helping wounded warriors customize their vehicles.

Robert Blanton is a 20 year, active duty Reconnaissance Marine, who received the Silver Star for "Extraordinary Heroism" during actions in Iraq, 2008. Since 2009, Robert has been dealing with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and has been sharing his personal trials and tribulations with this disorder, to encourage others to seek treatment.

Brian Meyer is a medically retired veteran of the United States Marine Corps with over 12 years of service. Brian was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team Leader during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. As an EOD technician, he was responsible for locating and disarming explosives placed to kill coalition forces and locals alike. Close to the end of his deployment, he was working with some locals who complained that the Taliban had placed an Improvised Explosive Device, (IED), in the main road that led into their village. Brian simply could have blown the devise in place, but that would have damaged the road, which would've continued to hindered the lives of the locals in the village. Brian went with his team to disarm the IED, which is something he had done dozens of times during this deployment. In a series of events, Brian had done all of his normal procedures, but when he went down to remove the IED, it detonated in his hand. The blast caused Brian the loss of his right arm below the elbow, his right leg above the knee, and the loss of two fingers and his thumb on his left hand. In spite of his injuries, Brian has a very positive outlook on life, but understands the ups and downs these injuries cause and wants to help other wounded veterans through the creation of Warfighter Made.

The three of us have combined our similar desires and interests, in an effort to give combat wounded veterans and active duty service members, other options to their physical and mental therapy and long term wellness, through the modifying and customizing of vehicles and adaptive equipment owned, or in use by, other combat wounded veterans and service members," stated Robert.

The concept started with Brian’s Night Train that he previously owned before his injury. In an amazingly quick recovery, Brian was walking with the aid of a prosthetic leg, and driving again with the use of a new arm all in less than a year. As he continued to adapt to his injuries, his desire to get back on his bike grew and that's when he was introduced to Butch at Imagineering Shop and a plan was devised to get Brian back on his bike. Brian and Butch knew they had a long road ahead of them but the possibility of riding again could be easily attained. Butch fabricated the Side Hack that will be able to provide a spot for Brian’s service dog, a Great Dane named Veritas. Veritas is a vital tool for Brian’s everyday life so if he was going down the road it’s only fitting to have his best friend along for the ride. The seat is mounted with a pull pin system so Brian can easily attach the seat for his wife. Butch moved the throttle to the left side for Brian’s comfort, added the ignitions switches and relocated his turn signals, horn and light switches behind the handle bars for easy access.  He also fabricated the shifter with a EOD knife and customized the linkage to fit to Brian’s prosthetic.


The modifications to the Night Train include:

Biltwell throttle moved to the left side of the Biltwell bars and risers.
Shifter moved to right side of tank, with the linkage passing through the front down tubes, with a custom EOD knife as the hand shifter.
5 degree triple trees
Front fender laid back
Rear fender by Russ Wernimont Designs 
Custom Dash by Imagineering Shop
Automatic clutch
BDL drive system 
Vance and Hines exhaust 
Custom seat designed by Butch to give Brian more support and better hold him in place. Custom leather tooling by Duane Ballard (coming soon)
Custom mid controls, with a JAMAR tandem master cylinder and foot brake moved to the left side with Biltwell foot pegs. 
Custom switch panel by Imagineering Shop, that uses the stock switches centered on the bars that are easily accessed by Brian. 

The Side Hack:
Custom fabricated at Imagineering Shop by Butch of his own design
Progressive Suspension Shock
Artillery wheel by The Wheelsmith 
Fender by Russ Wenimont Designs
Custom fender bracket by Imagineering Shop
Seat with custom quick release pins to easily remove to allow access to Veritas, Brian's Great Dane service dog. 


"The work on this project is what drove us to start Warfighter Made. A non profit that is committed to providing recreational therapy to ill. injured and combat wounded service members and veterans, through the modification, adaptation, and customization, of cars, trucks, motorcycles and off road vehicles. Our next project is for Davey Lind. Davey is a retired Marine who lost both his legs fighting in Iraq. He currently owns a Can-Am Spyder that Warfighter Made is going to modify to better fit Davey, and customize to better fit his personality.The project on deck after that is for Rob Dicky. Rob is a Soldier who lost his leg while fighting in Afghanistan. Rob has a 67 Camaro that the Warfighter Made team, with help from Rob, is going to finish and get back on the road.


We are also in the process of designing a 1978 Indian dirt bike that we received as a donation, that with the help of ill, injured and combat wounded service members and veterans, we're converting to a dirt tracker, that will be displayed and used at local events, then will be auctioned off with the proceeds going back to Warfighter Made to complete another project. Warfighter Made relies solely on the generosity of individuals, small business leaders and corporations for donations and financial support in carrying out and expanding their mission. We are feverously working on a website but you can get involved by giving us a follow on Facebook. If you would like to donate or become a sponsor, please contact our Marketing Director, Bonnie," stated Robert


I would like to thank Butch, Brian and Robert for thier time and to those who have served and are still protecting our great country THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

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Commented on 5-27-2013 At 08:44 am

Keep up the great work, and the best of luck in your future endeavors.

We are the beasts, the bastards, the terrors in the night.
And we're all that stand between you and what you fear most.

Commented on 5-27-2013 At 09:49 am

Semper Fi Brother's "Once A Marine Always A Marine" OOOFrinkenRah

Commented on 5-27-2013 At 06:21 pm

It's overused, so I never say it. But this warrants the exception: Fuckin Rad!

Commented on 5-29-2013 At 07:03 pm

As a Soldier myself thank you gentleman for your service and your sacrifices! Thank you for helping those in need and still placing the needs of others above yourselves. Duty, Honor, Country! Sgt Williams US ARMY.

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