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There are MANY events happening throughout the year that helps to bring the community together. Some have remained low key, and others have grown throughout the years. April Fuels was created by fellow CC member Cooker a few years back and is geared to the enthusiasts that enjoy riding and camping. There is a small camping fee associated with the ride, and you are responsible for being self-sufficient. April Fuels takes place in Southern Indiana and has continued with this basic approach “bring your bike, bring your buds, take care of your shit, let's have some fun.” I asked Cooker for some insight and here are his thoughts. Enjoy!



What Is April Fuels? A few years ago we decided that Indiana did not have enough chopper stuff going on. In 6 weeks, we organized a ride in Southern Indiana and had a blast. This year we are making it a two day run with one night of camping to mix it up a bit. The riding will be about 170 miles or so a day on some of the best roads we have.



Where and when will the run be? April 29th and 30th. We start in Franklin, Indiana every year; this year we will be heading south the entire way on day one. Day two we will be heading back north. There is a lot of room at the meetup spot where folks can leave a trailer or truck as well, if needed.



Tell us about the past few years: Well, year one we started out in the blistering cold. The day got warmer, and the riders had a great time. We ran into a flooded road, and High Side Jesse flipped and went into the river. It was a wild time, and we are glad everyone was good. Last year it was a wet one for sure. The roads kept us all alert and the rain was relentless. The few times we got to get a little dry were excellent, but when you are riding sketchy as fuck next to your brothers on the road, well, there just isn’t anything else like that. And no one on the ride will forget it anytime soon.



Photos by Mike Vandegriff


Anything special this year? As I stated, we will be turning this ride into a run. We will shoot 170 or so miles south to a campground where everyone will have to get their own site. If you are not into camping, there are hotels another 20 miles south that you can hit up. Dinner and firewood will be provided at the campground. Day two we will grab a bite for breakfast and head back north. From the past we have learned, however; the weather or the roads can change shit up quick, so you never know. As always, we will have a chase truck and trailer for emergencies, but this run is a grassroots-on-your-own type of deal.



How can someone participate? Make sure your bike is in order, your brakelight works, and bring your ass to Indiana. There is no fee to participate, your camping, food, and gas is on you, but we are just getting together to ride and make stories. Follow us on Instagram @aprilfuels for updates on the ride.



Would you like to thank anyone? Absolutely! First off, the guys who came on years one and two, who braved the temps and the weather. They made the ride. Secondly, the sponsors who donated both years, especially Mike at Chop N Weld who donated two springers last year. They did not have to stick their dicks out for us, but they did. As most of them were smaller companies, it was really something special. My brother Stretch, from the QCB, who has traveled both years from Maryland with his lady Anastasia to support the ride. Of course, ChopCult for going out of their way to ask to support us, you guys rock. Last but not least Mike Vandegriff, he has ridden both years and taken some great photos which help us remember and allow others to see not just what happened, but also the faces of the folks out here having a blast! -Cooker


April Fuels Run 3 - Event Listing / Instagram / Facebook

Photos by Mike Vandegriff

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Commented on 2-20-2017 At 11:06 am

Love ya is a great ride. Anyone on the fence...jump! Good people and great times...cooker takes out all the guess work...just show up with a running bike and come have some fun!!!

Commented on 2-20-2017 At 11:57 am

Very interested, what town will the camp out be in?

Commented on 2-20-2017 At 12:18 pm

@crashnburn The Ride Starts day one in Franklin, IN.. And ends in Southern Indiana around Tell City.. Then back up to Franklin on Day two.

Commented on 2-20-2017 At 01:30 pm

Awesome, Ill try to get some folks from TN. to make it.

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