Troy Fab's 1971 Triumph


Steve Sheldon is the mastermind behind Troy Fabrication. Troy Fabrication is a small company based out of Rhode Island that designs and manufactures custom motorcycle parts. They have a line of standard parts, but they also offer select custom work. Steve builds custom motorcycles to showcase their parts, and it also helps him and the team come up with ideas for new parts. Steve has been a ChopCult member since the birth of the site in 2009. He isn’t afraid to share his knowledge, give advice, and complement others through the forums. He always remains positive and supportive which is a breath of fresh air. I appreciate Steve’s ongoing support for the site and for allowing us to feature his latest build here. Keep up the great work Steve!


Photos by Patrick J. Noonan Photography


Owner name, location: Steve Sheldon Greene, Rhode Island

ChopCult Member profile: Troy Fab

Bike name: My Triumph



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1971 Triumph Engine rebuilt by Troy Fab. All parts were sourced though Choppahead Kustoms. Jay was a huge help with any technical questions, I highly recommend them if you own or are building a Triumph.

Frame: 1970 frame with a Choppaheads Kustom,s bolt -on hardtail.

Fork: Triumph fork dropped 2 inches



Chassis mods: Just cut off everything I didn’t need.

Tire/wheel size and style: Black powder coated wheels 18” rear with Firestone 19” front with Avon Speed Master Twin leading front hub custom grooves



Favorite thing about this bike: How light it is, and how much fun it is to ride as well as the Race Face Grips



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc:

Triumph Tank with 2” cut out center and frisco’d

Front Street Cycle rear fender mounted with stainless steel shaft collars, so I could slide left of right to guarantee it would be centered over tire.

Amal dual Carb shut off valves, this keeps those ugly petcocks off your tank.

Troy Fab Custom one off oil tank

Troy Fab Custom Stainless steel license plate bracket mount.

Model A tail light with a Troy Fab Tail Light Back that hides those ugly wires and keeps dirt and rain out.



Stainless steel ribbed brake linkage

Troy Fab Triumph Speedo Delete

Aluminum ribbed wiring box mounted on bottom of frame.

Troy Fab Bolt-on chain Tensioner to keep that wheel to fender gap perfect.

Troy Fab Primary Case Protector to keep the chain from slapping your cases.

Xian Leather seat

All Paint and powder coat by Troy Fab.



Thanks to:

My Family for supporting my motorcycle obsessions

Jay at Choppahead Kustoms

Craig at Front Street Cycle

Christian at Xian Leather

Steve Jordan for paint and body work tips

Walter Yehle for Machining tips

Gil Dion for fabrication tips

Patrick Noonan from Patrick J. Noonan Photography


Troy Fabrication American Made Motorcycle Parts can be purchased on our website:


Follow Troy Fabrication on Instagram:@troyfab.

Photographs by Patrick J. Noonan / @patrickphoto

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Commented on 12-20-2016 At 04:19 am

Nicely done! Lots of attention to details. Very cool.

Commented on 12-28-2016 At 06:52 pm

Dang that slim tank and the tank mounts look so good. Creative and different.

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