Timmy Ball's Revtech Rigid


Jason "Timmy" Ball earns a living and respect as the man behind the machines at S&M BMX's fab shop in Santa Ana, California. Two machines currently reside in Ball's stable: an ironhead work-in-progress and this Revtech-powered death trap. Timmy's economical chopper boasts the same no-frills appearance and road-tested toughness as its owner, a fact that becomes obvious to anyone in Orange Country who tries to drink or ride with the man.

Jason is a regular on the SoCal chopper scene, and he's never shy about riding the piss out of either one of his motorcycles when opportunity strikes. Both man and machine were in full effect at last month's Slab City Riot, and Jason's neatly sodded campsite made a set for this week's Daily.



Owner/builder: Jason Ball

Home: Huntington Beach, CA

Frame make, model, geometry: Paughco hardtail, 50° rake

Motor year, make, model, displacement: 1999 80" Revtech Evo

Primary: I'm not really sure about the frame or the primary. Now if you asked me about the seat tube angle or the bottom bracket height on my BMX bike…

Front wheel size and tire specs: 21" x 3.0" Avon Speedmaster

Rear wheel size and tire specs: 16" x 5.0" Avon

Fork and trees: Stock 39mm legs with super narrow Hig Killer CNC'ed and tumbled trees

Custom fabbed parts: Handlebars with built-in risers, sissy bar, a gusset for the taillight and a little bracket for the seat springs

Thanks: Bill and McGoo, Aki at Hog Killers, and all the guys who join me on rides

See the bikes, parts and accessories Jason Ball helps design and build at S&M BMX

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Commented on 12-8-2010 At 07:25 am


Commented on 12-8-2010 At 08:45 am

yeah balls! get that ironhead rolling too.

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 10:18 am

Yo Timmy, are you going to Speedfest this weekend? Haven't heard from you since Vegas, please let me know. Bike looks awesome!

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 12:00 pm

Jason Timmy Balls! Great bike and good sod!

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 12:23 pm

s&M fucking kills... so do those bars.

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 01:12 pm

why didn't they display your pants leather jacket?

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 01:40 pm

c'mon already and start making bars with slam geometry for moto's!

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 02:56 pm

More and more bmx guys getting write ups. Love it.

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 04:36 pm

Amazing scoot!

Commented on 12-8-2010 At 08:35 pm

Im diggin the whole vibe of this scoot. I especially like the bars, sissy, and the PBR props!!

Commented on 12-9-2010 At 04:05 pm

captian timmy and the unstoppable seamen...

Commented on 12-9-2010 At 05:14 pm

bad ass bars

Commented on 2-15-2011 At 07:45 am

been riding s&m's for years. thanks for the quality!

Commented on 5-9-2011 At 01:54 pm

S&M makes the best bars and quality shit IN AMERICA . put out some bars and risers and im buying them today ! all us bmx kids grew up and got engines and would love some S&M on our bikes

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