The Spencer


Terry Whitehurst and I first met at the last Beer Booters Party. I didn’t think I knew him at that point, but then he mentioned his first BMW build, which I remembered following on the Chop Cult Forum. We pretty much just bullshitted about bikes and became friends after that. I have never been the biggest fan of BMWs, aesthetically speaking that is, but after seeing the builds that Terry has done, my opinion on them has changed quite a lot. He has a great eye and what is more impressive is that he does it all out of his garage. With a very modest set-up, he’s keeping the “garage-built” mentality alive. So, after being asked to come by and shoot his new R75/6 build, I was excited to check it out up close and in person. Upon first glance, all I thought was how fun this bike looks to ride. It is a clean and stylish bike, pure and simple.



Owner name, location: Terry Whitehurst, Temecula CA

Chop Cult Member profile: Temecula Terry

Bike name:  The Spencer (The dude’s name I built it for)

Engine, year, and make, model, modifications: 1975 BMW R75/6



Frame: Stock, but cleaned up.

Fork: Stock forks that were powder coated and lowered 1”

Chassis mods:  Everything was touched on this bike in one way or another, either powder coated, painted or polished. Made an upper Headlight mount and shortened the sub frame. Custom seat pan and knee pads were covered with my boy Rob’s leather from Motostuka. I don’t like to throw away shit just because it’s ugly or old, so every bolt on this bike was restored and re-used. Something about the hue of old metal is very beautiful to me and cannot be replicated.



Tire/wheel size and style: Stock wheels, Buchanan spokes, and powder coated rims. It took me about six months to find tires that would fit and that I liked. Just by chance, I stumbled across Continental Twinduros, in a dirt bike shop. It was love at first sight and I never looked back – love those fucking tires and will use them again.



Favorite thing about this bike:  I like and hate everything at the same time.



Next modification will be:  None



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I modified the Air Box to double as a battery compartment and as a functional air box. Custom wiring harness by Wompy, /5 controls to keep that retro BMW look that I like so much, polished and cleaned the heck out of the motor. Used a headlight/spotlight I bought eight years ago, whittled down the headlight ears until they were just fork covers, custom exhaust cans. There is more but I’ll quit now.



Big Thanks to my lovely wife Laura for supporting me throughout the build, Larry Stonestreet (Stoner) who is my BMW guru and parts supplier, my bud Rob at for his glorious leather goods and Mi Amigo Wompy.



Your social media links: I’m “Mr_Booter” on Instagram, but other than that I don’t have social media links. I ride motorcycles and once in a while put one together because I like to.


Article and photos by Nick Faught

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Commented on 7-7-2016 At 07:23 am

The seat and knee pads really make the bike stand out. Very sweet. The wheel and tire combo is perfect. I would have liked a set of motocross style handlebars, but that is minor.

Commented on 7-13-2016 At 11:42 am

As a confessed BMW freak, I find this interesting. Did Spencer want this to be used as a dirt bike? (no mirrors & dirt bike tires) I would be interested in talking to you about the simplified wiring harness as I suspected that could be done and the hidden battery modification. I have a 97 Custom Panhead I listed recently, but it is built with a different approach of more performance mods than most of the bikes I've seen listed here.

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