The Grave Digger


As soon as I saw this bike I knew it was feature material. No, it's not the shiniest show quality 20k build, but what it is to me, is what's happening in America's garages. It was built by my friend and brother Jake Smith of the Gents Wrench and the bikes owner Trey Guidry. It's a low dollar build that, once again, proves most excuses about not having a bike don't hold gas. Jake and Trey built it for under $1000 with some ingenuity, determination, and luck. I was also stoked to find out Jake, an often cohort of the Old Bike Barn crew, has just rented a industrial space, bought a big miller 3 phase tig and is opening a shop after supporting so many of us with his skillz over the years. I'm gonna give them some time to get their feet under them but you can be sure, when the time comes, I'll do a feature on their progress, about taking the leap and starting a shop.



For now, enjoy this shoot. Thanks to to Trey for hauling the bike out to do the shoot in a cemetery and to Jake for always being there for all of us on builds and fabrication chit. I look forward to seeing him and his biz partner AJ get The Gents Wrench going. Live the dream brothers it don't take big dollars or an old shovel to be styling!




Owner name, location: Trey Guidry, Columbus, Ohio 

Bike name: The Grave Digger

Engine: 76 CB750, bought for $50 was told it had motor work done, no idea exactly what. Was also told it didn't run... Wired it up, and on the first kick, it started right up.
Frame: 76 CB750a frame hard-tailed like a chopper. Not like a jap chopper with all the crazy bars still on the sides
Fork: CB750, polished the legs
Chassis mods: just hard-tailed. Wanted a short chop for a comfortable everyday rider
Tires: just some tires in good shape we had lying around. 17" rear and 19" front aluminum spokes that I cleaned up and rawed
Favorite thing about this bike: $50 dollar motor that runs and sounds amazing. The seat is like a lazy boy recliner, I love the Biltwell bars from Old Bike Barn, the wings that my twin brother hand painted and the old tool bag which my buddy Jake gave me; the sissy bar, I mean, I love everything about this bike
Next modification: 21" front with mini drum brake and tear the bike down in winter to do some crazy paint job
Other: This bike was built in a garage around a bunch of dudes who just love building bikes and goofing off. There was no deadline, there was no trying to make things look the prettiest or trying to win any awards, just best buds doing what they love to do. To me, this bike is just fun. Isn't that why people ride motorcycles? To have fun.



Thanks: Jake at The Gents Wrench, without him none of this bike would be possible. My brother for helping me out whenever he could, my mom and her boyfriend for giving me suggestions and their thoughts on the building process, Bear at Old Bike Barn for kicking in some free shit and last but not last my girlfriend for having to constantly hear me talk about this bike everyday during the building process.
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Commented on 5-9-2013 At 04:34 am

I absolutely love it. you can't go wrong with a seven fifty

Commented on 5-9-2013 At 02:55 pm

Really dig it. Theres just something about those king and queen seats that gets my noodle goin.

Commented on 5-9-2013 At 03:36 pm

Hell yeah man...this bike is definitely awesome!

Commented on 5-9-2013 At 06:07 pm

Sweet build man, especially for only a grand!!

Commented on 5-9-2013 At 06:32 pm

Great bike. This takes me back to the days when riders would build what they could afford just to be able to ride, and that was the main thing, to ride.

Commented on 5-15-2013 At 08:44 am

This is a nice bike. It's only a few custom touches and a paint job away from being a pretty sick chopper. It's also nice to see an inline 4 for a change.

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