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Few bikes sum up the ChopCult ethos better than Matt Tobias' 98 Sporty. In stock trim, The MoCo's Sportster is as unremarkable as a Ford Taurus. In the hands of a guy who plies his craft to something that suits him, a pre-rubber mount Sportster is an awesome and affordable blank canvas.

Matt's bike is a great example of just that, and will probably look different next time we see him at an event because he will have changed it up yet again. This bike has been hardtailed, put back to a swinger and had a multitude of mods all in the name of making something Matt can be proud of. If that attitude doesn't capture the spirit of the modern bikerider perfectly, name something better.

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Owner: Matt Tobias

Location: Chandler, AZ 

Engine: 1200 Evo Sportster

'98 Sportster, 3" up 3" out, with the seat area cut out and lowered. Swingarm lengthened 1-3/8"

Fork: Shaved 39mm Narrowglide

Tire/wheel size and style:
16" rear/19" front 13-spoke mags with Bridgestone Battlaxe tires 

Too many to list!

Favorite thing about this bike: That I made almost everything on the bike. I try to buy as few parts as possible

Next modification: I don't know, I've already gone from swingarm to rigid and back to swingarm. I'll probably sell it if I stop digging it the way it is now and move on to the next build

Thanks to:
My wife Jen and my sons Max and Jacob; my buddies Hunter and Coop

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Commented on 2-15-2010 At 08:51 am

Nice job man!!! Been following this one since the beginning. Viva Los Bastardos!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 08:58 am

I've been following this thread since it was started! Looks awesome!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 09:12 am

Bike must be total blast to ride

That starter button is absolutely brilliant.

I keep finding cool stuff the longer I sit and stare. Slideshow works well

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 09:16 am

Yeahhh boyyy! Keep the transformations coming!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 09:29 am

bout time this thing makes it to the front page. that bike rules all, hats off to ya sir

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 09:30 am

Being really honest here, for me its another ordinary bike...

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 09:51 am

Hey damned....what bike were you looking at when you made that comment, must have been your own VERY ordinary bike...WTF?

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 10:19 am

probably my fav bike on here. i learned alot watchng him build it up! youre a class act sir!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 10:28 am

I guess Damned don't want to give credit where it's due. The bike has an awesome look to it Matt. Keep it up, I cant wait to see it's next encarnation....

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 10:51 am

Definitely no Ford Taurus, the homemade parts really stand out in a good way.I like it!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 11:10 am

this bike is rad. the vw rocker cover for an air filter is genius!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 12:07 pm

Top notch in every way!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 01:41 pm

hell yeah matt!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 05:05 pm

mean looking commuter i reckon. good work.

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 05:56 pm

Thanks a lot everybody!!! It is a lot of fun to ride!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 06:28 pm

whats up with that starter button? tell me bout it now

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 07:10 pm

Very sweet ride Matt! Great attention to detail.

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 08:30 pm

one of a kind man, def cool that ya do yr own thing and make it come out with somethin yr happy wit

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 08:34 pm

Right on Matt! CTFS!

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 10:14 pm

I dunno John, i dont think damned is far off base, but i like the bike. Course it looks like a private club up in here again.

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 10:37 pm

"looks like a private club up in here again"? Huh?

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 10:39 pm

Hey Eli, the starter button is a quick release aircraft pin. You push the blue button and you can pull it out of the starter.

Commented on 2-15-2010 At 11:18 pm

It's been great watching this bike come together in the forum... I gotta get me a Sportster!

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 12:05 am

Good stuff. I like that someone still loves the sportster.

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 05:07 am

i think it's slick as shit how you put your rear caliper on .. excellent job man

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 07:25 am

Great job on molesting EVERY single part of your bike. So subtle and clean that the most can't comprehend what you have accomplished.

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 08:21 am

Love those bars, you could split cars in a parking lot with those lol

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 08:34 am

I do dig the shit out of the seat. Any ideas for paint or is it gonna stay bare?

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 03:43 pm

Easy there folks, I'm didn't mean to disrespect. I'm just saying that for me, my 2 cents here.

I didn't say that the bike lacks creativity or craftsmanship, that its fck* ugly or something. Whats the point in commenting it if all the comments are the same. "Great!", "Fuc** awesome!" "Love those pipes.."
Come on!

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 06:37 pm

Before this turns into a pissing match lets look at why were here. Chop Cult is supposed to be a place for people that put soul into there 2 wheeled machines. If you look at what Tobias put into his machine you will see that even though it may not have the same flashy paint and old mills it does have a lot of heart, soul, and craftsmanship. If you still don't like it then wait a couple days and something new will pop up.

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 08:13 pm

dig the rear brake caliper position. nice job.

Commented on 2-17-2010 At 03:51 am

Hey BFJosh, you got it. Checked the thread... Tobias bike is everything but ordinary, I apologize. Will look the bikes from another angle from now on.

Cheers mate.

Commented on 2-17-2010 At 09:14 am

Pretty sweet Frisco'ed Sporty!

Commented on 2-28-2010 At 08:47 pm

That damn thing looks mean! nice work. Did you make that oil bag from scratch?

Commented on 3-2-2010 At 04:17 pm

BigDan, yeah made it from scratch.

Commented on 3-3-2010 At 09:51 am

Great Job Matt, you have done so much to that bike and your hard work has paid off. CTFS!!

Commented on 3-10-2010 At 06:42 am

This bike came out so good. Kept up with the whole build thread. Big inspiration for someone that wants to keep the swing arm set up on my sporty.

Commented on 3-12-2010 At 04:12 pm

Thanks again everyone! Hopefully the new owner Ricci in Cali enjoys it as much!

Commented on 2-9-2011 At 12:37 pm

I dig it. Sick build

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