The 2nd Annual Reunion Show


"When you visit downtown Indianapolis, you have to see the architecture.” I’ve heard this before in my life, and being a bit of an edifice connoisseur, I was excited when I had the opportunity to visit Indy and see all that the cityscape had to offer. The historic museums, theaters, memorials, statues, and fountains, with their carved and acid-rain etched surfaces, and the copper rooftops that have turned green with age, bear a dramatic contrast to the vast expanses of jagged liquid glass reaching up to the sky with rigid simplicity. All of this encircling a brick circle drive surrounding the city center. If you travel a little further south-east from Monument Circle, tucked away in the corner of the city called Fountain Square the first Saturday of June, you will find a different kind of building. Here, it’s culture they’re building, all in support of the bike community. Not only does this little slice of heaven have a Kuma’s Corner (calling out my Chi-town boys), but it hosts a local motorcycle event every year called “The Reunion.” This bike event is more of a street show; it’s a ‘come as you are, and enter if you feel like it,’ crowd-generated voting event. So, if you’d like people to vote for your bike, you can enter it in the appropriate category, and see if it’s what the people want!



The event is a reflection of the city it so lovingly calls home. An eclectic group of vendors, attendees, and bikes; from a popup first-come, first-serve barber shop run by an Indy staple, Warfleigh Barber Shop, to the local Harley-Davidson dealership handing out pamphlets on learning to ride. The bikes were equally as diverse- overflowing the square into the side streets, there were hundreds of bikes, with all makes from Ariel to Harley to Yamaha. All states of entropy were also represented, from pristine and preserved, to roached and ratted- you could not walk around them all in the time it took to drink one beer, harmoniously crammed alongside one another in the steamy summer heat. As I wandered around the informal and familiar maze of motors, front ends, and paint, I started to realize the significance of the name of this event; Reunion. Waving to each other, embracing in hugs and catching up about what they did to the bike all winter- It was almost an unveiling from winter; seeing everyone's bike- and maybe even your old chopper- for the first time since last season. A lot of people had traveled to be here, to see their chopper family. Meeting like-minded people at a grassroots event to help preserve the diversity of motorcycle culture can’t get any better than this. I went and and was able to make new friends, and to hug a few old ones. In the shadows of the new and old, in downtown Indianapolis, you’ll find a slice of what some call home, and the best part is- everyone is welcome. I’ll see you next year Indy. - Amy Sue Sporty / @amysue_rides


Photos by Benny Stucker /@bigmfbenny


Big thanks to Cooker and his team for putting together one hell of an event for ALL to enjoy! Be sure to follow @thereunionindy for updates!

Article by Amy Sue Sporty / @amysue_rides

Photos by Benny Stucker /@bigmfbenny

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