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News and recurring features on ChopCult are read by thousands of members every week. After a story falls off the home page, it is archived by author and subject  for easy searching and future reference. The subjects and perspectives on ChopCult are diverse and incisive, and we encourage photographers, writers and members of the industry to submit original words and images for publishing consideration. If you have a product, an opinion or a perspective that deserves recognition, this is the place to share it.


PR Made EZ

When you email a press release to ChopCult, please include your complete name, your business web address, a brief but concise description of your goods or services, and of course a crisp photo at least 600 pixels wide x 72 dpi. It's the web, so high-res images aren't necessary.

Editorial Submissions

If you want to share your wisdom, speak your mind or vent your spleen, the ChopCult forum is the first and best place for such ramblings. However, if you wish to submit a formal opinion or editorial for consideration on the home page, we want to read it. We're especially interested in submissions from players in the chopper industry, experts from the golden age, new-school builders and seasoned road vets. No compensation is guaranteed, but if a story or photo essay is particularly stunning or relevant, there's definitely a ChopCult miles bump and a t-shirt in it for you.


Please send all press releases and other submissions to

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Commented on 10-6-2009 At 12:57 pm

I'm eager to put something together for the greater good.

Commented on 9-12-2010 At 08:09 am

Hello there, just wondering if you could place our blog on blogdump? Not sure how it all works.
Thanks, Hemitech01

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