Strange Days 3


During 2013, ChopCult co-sponsored over 60 events through our Grassroots Ad Campaign. The concept is simple; use the website to promote your grassroots event and we offer cross promotion here and through our extensive social media outlets. The end results are the same no matter the size of the event: to get like- minded individuals together. The Strange Days event is the type of event we dig; it's laid back and looks like a good time to be had. Unfortunately, we can’t partake in every event so I asked Chris Dripchak, one of the event promoters, to give us the lowdown on Strange Days 3.


Photos by Capt. Cal and Chris Dripchak




The Strange Days annual vintage motorcycle and chopper show came about as a response to the overall lack of this type of event anywhere on the East coast. So my fellow motorcycle enthusiast, Ken Buongiorno and I, came up with a rough idea of what we wanted to make happen. After some talks with our buddy Capt. Cal of RetroFit, and the help of his dad Joe’s amazing stories, photographs, and serious 60’s and 70’s chopper history, we decided to host an old school chopper party and campout. Listening to the Doors one night with some cold ones, the name for the event became all too clear, "Strange Days" it would be.



Making a deal with local organic farm owner, Jamie Rickey, we had ourselves one of the most perfect and scenic venues possible: the mountains of northern New Jersey. From there on the idea spiraled into what we have today: an awesome recreation of motorcycle gatherings of the past, only better because we’re actually living it!


We try to expand and improve upon the Show each year, and that’s how we started building a custom chopper to give away to one lucky winner, each show. The past two years we gave away a ’74 Honda CB750 and a ’72 Yamaha XS650; both show quality bikes.



Fast forward to 2014 and we are working hard on planning Strange Days 4. It will again be a Friday night to Sunday show where people ride in, set up a tent, and enjoy the old bikes and live music. It’s a like an AMCA swap meet, but way more of a party! Oh yeah, and don’t forget the chance to win a ’71 Sportster show chopper that’s currently in the works…



Just a quick thanks to all the sponsors, supporters, friends, and awesome people that come to Strange Days; that’s what makes the show possible. Also a huge thanks to Capt. Cal, Joe Piorkowski and Ben Thollot for lending a helping hand to Ken and me over the past few years.


Zach from PUTT Zine on Strange Days 3


"No one knows how many times the word ‘strange’ was said, but it was a lot. Sometimes it pertained to the event, sometimes it was the way your brain felt; baked, as well as fried. Some sought refuge from the heat in nearby swimming holes; others chose to stay warped in a seemingly different era. Still not 100% sure if time travel actually happened, but it sure feels like it did.”



For information on Strange Days 4, please visit and give them a follow on Instagram,


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Commented on 2-4-2014 At 06:16 am

Counting the days already!

Commented on 2-4-2014 At 12:15 pm

Killer time last year, glad to finally make it after missing the first two. Can't wait for July.

Commented on 2-4-2014 At 05:25 pm

Had a great time again! Back to back. Slept in the rain and eatin alive by huge ass misquitos. Can't wait for this year!

Commented on 2-5-2014 At 08:39 pm

Looks like another great time for chopper fans!

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