Steve Sharp's 1956 Pan/Shovel

I’ve known Steve over the past year or so in our moto community here in Denver. He owns this really amazing bar called “The High Lonesome” down my street, and we got introduced via one of his bartenders. Since then we have traveled together for thousands of miles on our motorcycles over many countless rides in and out of Colorado, and our “Drifter Night” bike nights at the bar. He’s one of the most upstanding guys I know and his knowledge for motorcycles has been very helpful; he’s also a great mentor of mine. Here is his story and details:



Owner name, location: Steve Sharp Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Chop Cult Member profile: sharpinski

Bike name: Booboo Kitty (totally ridiculous. I've never named it)

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1956 Harley FLH Pan/Shovel

Frame: Repop ‘55-’57 straight leg frame (original frame was sketchy, meth induced engineering)

Fork: VL I-beam springer

Chassis mods: Stock dimensions

Tire/wheel size and style: 16" kelsey hayes rear, 19" star hub front (not sure). Cheap tires.

Favorite thing about this bike: Other than the tanks, frontend, and seat, I love the functionality of this bike. In the end I wanted a solid, comfortable rider. The stance makes it easy to ride all day long and it handles like a champ up the canyons.

Next modification will be: Not sure. Maybe paint? 18" rear wheel? Different rear fender?

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I love the seat and p-pad. They were upholstered by my good friend Matt out of an old leather jacket of mine. I really like the headlight and taillight, the mudflap, the old Ford clutch and brake pads, and the brass doorknob for my shifter.

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Even though I assembled this bike from the frame up, I wouldn't call myself a bike builder. I can do some pretty rudimentary fabrication, wiring, and mechanics, but look to outside help where necessary. This bike was a bad 80's chopper with skulls all over it. I kept the skulls on the pushrod covers cause they make me laugh (also good for tough guy cred). When I swapped to the VL front end it took a bit to get it right. After almost going over the handlebars hitting some pretty janky railroad tracks I decided it was time to rebuild it. Over the winter I had the engine rebuilt and just got everything back together for the second time. Looking forward to a solid season.

Thanks to: A big thank you to my friend Matt (@meteormotors) for all his voodoo magic (he made my front axle, rocker bushings, and did the upholstery). Thanks to Jason Sheets (@56panhead, for flat-siding my tanks. Jason does some incredible work. Also, thanks to Brendan (sign painter extraordinaire, @atlas_signco) for striping my tins. -Steve / @sharpinski

Article and photographs by Enrique Parrilla / @eparrillaphotos

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Commented on 6-4-2018 At 12:47 pm

The Snail Hunter was known as a legendary Chef prior to getting grey. His ability to transform trail leavings, any kill, and dumpster finds into 5 star cuisine is still spoken of in whispers in many parts. Read between the lines, he turned a sow's a-hole into a silk purse, all the while looking good doing it. Nice job bike's a beaut querido viejo amigo.

Commented on 6-4-2018 At 01:20 pm

Holy shit you have a way with words! I'm in tears! Thank you. It means a lot coming from you. We'll have to jump on some of those raggedy horses, head to the hills, and make some of those silk purses again. A little Laphroaig wouldn't hurt either.

Commented on 6-4-2018 At 04:43 pm

It was great to meet you and take a peek at your bike the other day(swap meet).
It’s a beautiful thing Steve, well done for sure!!

Commented on 6-10-2018 At 03:54 pm

I hope to run into you on the road someday, maybe come by your tavern...... yeah that might be nice. whatever you have a fine ride and you can see the passion and love you got for it.

Commented on 1-25-2019 At 05:43 pm

I have the right things to do a project such as the one you have done . I really love the look that you have going from the front wheel to the back wheel,for sure!
I have a 56 bottom and a shovel on it. Would love to find a frame to set it into .It is in a swing arm at the time and i just don't care for the style. If anyone has suggestions shoot them my way and they would be deeply appreciated.

Commented on 5-13-2019 At 07:03 pm

Is that Paughco 713DM exhaust? If so, looks like the mechanical brake lever clears fine?

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