Sneak Peek: Born Free III Prize Bike by Garage Co.


With four months remaining until Born Free 3 fires up this summer, interest in the prize bike Yoshi's Garage Company has been commissioned to build is at a fever pitch. Grant Peterson from FMA is one of the men behind the Born Free collective, and this is his story and behind-the-scenes photos of the bike everyone is talking about.

The bike a 1946 FL Harley Davidson Knucklehead built by Kiyo at the Garage Company in Los Angeles. The frame is an original knucklehead that Kiyo brought back to life. Kiyo has added one inch to the front downtubes to go along with the 4-over Harley springer to give the bike a unique stance and profile. Kiyo modified an old set of risers and H-D handlebars with an internal throttle to fit the look and feel of the build, which has its emphasis on comfort, longevity and style. These three things are the basis of this motorcycle, and hopefully the guy who wins it will feel them for years to come.


Of course there is a 21-inch wheel up front, but not just a typical catalog wheel. The original H-D star hub has been rechromed and laced to a rare narrow WM-1 Jones rim for just the right look. There is also a springer brake up front to help slow down this sled.

The motor is rebuilt original 1946 Harley knucklehead mated with a rebuilt early 4-speed H-D transmission. The rear wheel is a tried-and-true 16-inch Harley rim laced to another rechromed/rebuilt H-D star hub with a chrome mechanical brake. Kiyo's fabrication tricks are all over the bike from the sissy bar, to the trick chain guard, to the pipes, For this latter piece  Kiyo made two old MCM style fishtail tips from scratch. Other hand-built bits include the coil cover and ignition switch as well as some original '53 Harley tanks Kiyo axed to make one tank that harkens back to the glory days of choppers.

Everyone who buys one of the limited-edition Born Free 3 posters will be entered into the drawing for this masterpiece. To buy posters with raffle tickets, click here. Keep in mind, the proceeds from this project go a long way towards things like keeping the admission free, so this is a good way to support the event as well as get a chance to win this knucklehead.

For dates, venue info, sponsor listings and other details on this year's event, visit the Born Free blog.

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Commented on 2-25-2011 At 07:38 am

Thanks guys for the support! You can Buy Online,@ the Garage Company, upcoming Long Beach Swapmeets,Hippy Killer Hoedown and others events.You can't win if you don't play!

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 08:57 am

If I ever had anyone else build me a bike, it would be Kiyo. Who ever wins this, better ride the shit out of it.

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 09:42 am

Ooooooo.. im in

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 10:34 am

i like it bare to the bone at the moment

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 11:49 am

I touched myself...

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 11:55 am

Do you have to present to win. I thought I read that somewhere?

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 04:16 pm

Beautiful . . . me want.

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 05:25 pm

good goddamn. thats all just one big goddamn...

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 08:39 pm

Yes... You Must Be Present to Win!! We want to give it to a real person and see there face! Buy a poster/w ticket and get your chance.Yoshi has a retail value of this bike near 40k and you can win it for 25.00 ...sounds like a good deal.

Commented on 2-26-2011 At 05:51 am

Fuk fuk fuk fuk, I can't wait to pick my knucklehead!! Be cool!

Commented on 2-26-2011 At 11:07 am

Note to self..."Self, buy a fuckin poster & ride to this incredible show"

Commented on 2-26-2011 At 01:01 pm

el TEE ...thank you for the note to self.>>>If we don't sell enough of the posters/tickets before the show the quality of the event suffers...remember it's free> and if you don't buy one you can't win a Knucklehead. Thanks for the support.

Commented on 2-26-2011 At 10:42 pm

be sure to wear your vans ;)

Commented on 2-27-2011 At 09:00 am

I guess it's okay, if you HAVE to have a knuck... And I guess all the craftsmanship and work is pretty nice too, if you can't afford a factory bike... Probably doesn't even have electronic fuel injection.

Oh well, I guess if I win it, I would ride it around, I guess.

Actually, I'd give McGoo's left nut for that. That is if anyone knows where McGoo's left nut is...

Nice, very nice work fellers...


Commented on 2-27-2011 At 10:02 pm

Oh, I'm not worthy. I hope that the cult runs another feature on this thing once it's finished, or once it's given away. Can't believe that the Born Free guys can do this, amazing!

Commented on 2-28-2011 At 01:46 pm

Love the stance of this bike. Makes me want to go dig one up somewhere and start my own build. Oh wait, $25.00 would probably be a little cheaper and an easier way out. Always take the easy way out...

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