Sneak Peek at DicE Magazine Issue 78

It was about 10 am when my phone rang, and I jumped up in shock as the noise broke the cold morning silence. It's always a bad sign when the phone rings so early in the morning, and I knew it had to be bad. In a groggy biker style grumble, I said..."This better be good because if it ain't, someone is gonna get well and truly head stomped!" One thing with me is that I never get up early like all the squares with regular jobs because I spend all night working on my hog and hanging with my bro's. The voice on the other end let out a sigh and said..."If I have told you once I have told you a million times Dean..." This got me mad instantly, and I interrupted with..."My name is not Dean anymore! It's Hogbro69 now, and that's what everyone will call me unless they want to get their face smashed in!" There was a moments silence until it was broken again with "Well I just wanted to tell you that..." There was no use in trying to backtrack, I was angry, "No! You are not going to tell me anything! Nobody tells me how to live! I live by my rules and my rules only, and if you don't like it I will come over there and karate chop the shit out of your neck and face and body slam your legs into a workbench and then start wailing on your upper torso with a genuine Harley 8 fin cam cover that only fits certain engines like Panheads, Knuckleheads, and early Shovelheads, you got that bozo?!!!" The voice didn't wait to respond this time..." But it's street sweeping today, so you have to move your Prius otherwise you will get a ticket." I suddenly remembered...."Oh, it is? Wow, that week went so fast! Ok, thanks, Mum I'll move it right now!"

The cover for DicE 78 was drawn up by the fantastic, Chase Roselli.

Black twin headlight Genny - Owner Alex Beaulieu. Photos by Patric Nadeau

Black Blue Triumph - Bradley Hood @bradleycoppertop - Photos by James A Grant.

Black 'time life' styled Ironhead by Marco De La Cuesta. Photos by Chrissie Good.

Lady Natalie Finch Photos by Ben Hittle.

Event Coverage:The Paradise Road Show by Larry Niehues

Black & Pink Panhead built by Pete Landen. Photos by Michael Schmidt.

ConeShovel long springer built by Daniel DeSoucey. Photos by Dean Chooch Landry.

Orange Panhead Rob Walden. Photos by Cody Webber.


Bonus Bike Feature

Checkered XS650

@leonxpratama and his wicked Yamaha XS650, built by @keduxgarage in Bali, Indonesia! Photo: @dedeongke

The newsstand cover for issue 78 features Rob Walden, shot by Cody Webb. These issues will be available at most Barnes n Noble stores through the USA in the next week or 2. We also have a very limited amount of these available in our online store. You can purchase your copy here.



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Commented on 4-16-2018 At 07:42 am

YEAH! so tight, that XS650 is insane

Commented on 5-7-2018 At 03:29 am

Insane pricing and shipping cost for 6 issues even if it is a good mag...

Commented on 5-15-2018 At 12:09 am

Went ahead and ordered the mag.

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