Sissy Bars and Fender Strut Photo Feature


If there is one challenge that every garage builder has to tackle time and time again, it's how to attach the fender to the rest of the bike. Even though there are some tried and true methods, if you look at a dozen custom bikes, you are likely to see a dozen different solutions. At the recent David Mann Chopper Fest, I took the opportunity to snap a small collection of photos; maybe one will inspire you the next time you need to make one.


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Commented on 12-27-2012 At 05:41 am

Great pics - Thanks man. Got any more of that white bike with the blue plexi and molded seat?

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 06:36 am

I knew someone was gonna ask that about that bike. I would also like to see more pics of it.

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 07:41 am

Thanks for this timely feature Bill! I just ordered a fender for my shovel chop last night! Gives me some porn to look over!

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 09:24 am

Good inspiration as I'm getting ready to make my own.

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 09:38 am

That super swoopy one with the polished fender would of made me kill someone.

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 10:40 am

Those are good Bill but the one you built for my bike is the best ever.

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 04:09 pm

the blue bike (with plexi) belongs to Dalton Walker- split image kustoms.

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 04:10 pm

Commented on 12-27-2012 At 06:51 pm

one of my favorite things about CC is the focus features...thanks CC

Commented on 12-28-2012 At 10:36 am

yah i made the feature woot woot!!

Commented on 12-30-2012 At 06:41 pm

i would love to see more pics of Johnny Vasco's"True Blue"s sissy bar if anyone has some.i saw that chop years ago up here in Grass Valley Ca. soon after his passing .that bike inspires me. I was all over it with my camera like some stupid tourist at Disneyland. That sissy bar is clean,simple,and just right! It lays back at a 45 deg. Above the fender as well as tilt inward kinda like a "compound miter" if that makes sense. Noth'n defines a chopper like a good sissy bar

Commented on 1-4-2013 At 10:14 am

Great shots! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

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