Show Class Magazine's People's Champ Final 6 Pack Update


Tim and Clarke with Show Class Magazine reached out to the People's Champ builders for a update on their builds. We are sharing the first three builders in no particular order then will showcase the remaining three next week. Be sure to stop by Cook's Corner on June 28 and help us crown the winner. The winner of the popular vote from the party will be crowned the People's Champ and their bike will become the FINAL Born Free 5 invited builders' bike. Just like the Invited Builders of Born Free 5, every bike you see here has an insane amount of man hours, modifications, one off parts and endless craftsmanship that make each their own. Best of luck and may the best bike win.


What's your name and where are you from? Rob- Bobby Good Times-Hultz from Chicago Il


What bike are you building? I’m building A 1946 FL Knucklehead chopper called the White Wizzard

What was your inspiration? My inspiration for the build mainly is that its my first crack at a Knucklehead , metal and doom, old biker movies, working in a real shop with Bobby the Leg and King Kustoms, Bravetown and all the builders I've met over the years on the east coast and now in the mid west. WHITE LINE FEVER .

 What's your day job? I’m a bass player in the metal bands Solace and now The Disease Concept and for money I’m an industrial electrician.


What's your name and where are you from? Jason M. Roche

 What bike are you building? 1975 HD xlch

What was your inspiration? My inspiration was purely the task of challenging myself with the idea of blending chopper and salt flat racer aesthetics into a cohesive bike design, all the while trying to hand fabricate or modify as much of the bike as I could. 

 What's your day job? Fabrication ding-dong @ SPCL'79 Fabrication and Barnstorm Cycles


What's your name and where are you from? My name is Jordan Dickinson and I'm from Monticello, MN

What bike are you building? I'm building a 1964 Harley Panhead.  Otherwise known as the Frost Buzzard.

What was your inspiration? I've been pulling inspiration from all over the place. This build has been in my head for the last couple years so I've had plenty of time to be influenced by the smallest of things I run across in my daily life. Cupboard knobs, toilet handles, steering wheels, airplanes, clothing, the color of my dogs poop, you name it. If there's some element that catches my eye, it may spark something for later. I think trips to the junkyard inadvertently become the biggest influence. I spend so much time researching parts or designs from old cars and bikes that they consume much of my train of thought. Just yesterday my taillight design was spawned from a super rare hood ornament that I ran across. It seems rather weird how it all comes together too, one day you're racking your brain trying to figure out how to overcome a design problem/hurdle and the next day you may walk past something that triggers a slew of ideas you didn't even knew you had. I've also tried to keep with the general stance of an early knuckle/pan, I've always liked that stance with a stripped down style the most because to me it's all business.No frills and no extra bullshit to clutter it up.

What's your day job? I scrub the toilets at Union Speed and Style.


See you there!

Show Class Magazine

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Commented on 6-3-2013 At 09:00 am

It's gonna come down to just personal taste, as ALL the bikes are looking awesome. Nice work one and all...

Commented on 6-3-2013 At 01:16 pm

Well done boys.

Commented on 6-3-2013 At 03:46 pm

Oh... and I'm from Worcester, MA. I must've forgotten to answer that question... I was never good at testing.

Commented on 6-3-2013 At 03:47 pm

They are all champs!! Thanks DS, can't wait to see the rest of them.

Commented on 6-3-2013 At 05:42 pm

Slick looking rides!!

Commented on 6-3-2013 At 06:05 pm

Just got inspired by all three!

Commented on 6-3-2013 At 07:40 pm

Outstanding craftsmanship to all.

Commented on 6-3-2013 At 08:26 pm


Commented on 6-4-2013 At 03:45 am

I really dig that sportster

Commented on 6-5-2013 At 01:18 pm

Love that Knuckle!

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