Show Class Magazine's People Champ Part Deux Top 25


Well folks, we need your help once again. Take a moment and decide who's worthy enough to move to the next round: Top 12. The polls will be open from today till Sunday night. Best of luck!


Alex Pereira - East Coast Ironhead

"A true
peoples bike within the realm of the masses, east coast lanesplitter that will make you rethink what a chopper
can be, handmade in the USofA by one guy in his garage.

A true peoples bike within the realm of the masses, east coast lanesplitter that will make you rethink what a choppercan be, handmade in the USofA by one guy in his garage.


Ashley Mitchell - Evilina Molded K-Moldel

56KHK original patina motor, old style moulding and paint. 8"over all chrome Ceriani, KR race parts and a bates TT seat....Introducing "Devilinas daughter Evilina"


Brian Buscemi - Moldy Pan

I don't have a shop, all of my bikes are built right in my garage from the ground up, and space is an issue, as well as the lack of a few larger machines that would really come in handy. It does make things more difficult at times but the upside to that is, I would like for the general public to see and understand that you don't need a big shop to make a nice bike. Everything I'm doing on this bike can be done by anyone with a small work space and a few basic tools. All you need is motivation and determination. I'm trying to get a full running mock up before I begin any body work which is where I will be spending most of my time, as well as a little more attention to paint which is usually an afterthought for me. I can see it all in my head, but I don't think the average viewer will have the picture based on my current pics. Nonetheless this is where I'm at as of now. I have had some fitment issues here and there, as to be expected from these old parts. There will not be anything new on the bike, old parts and garage fab only. I was lucky to find this frame/tank/fender/sissy setup in that saves me a little time on fab work, however motor and trans mounts were a little off, the tank has pinholes, the tail light housing and changing a few other things up so its actually turned out to be a little more than I thought on the framework. I do think I am on schedule, just not ahead of it like I originally thought. I will be running true dual exhaust and I have a couple old rear pipes to base that one off of, however neither of them are in the greatest condition so I may be making exhaust completely from scratch. The wheels and tires that are on here in the pics are not going to stay, I will be using a high shouldered aluminum rims 18 rear or a 19 if i can find it, and 19 front with a nice spool I have been saving. I still need to finish putting the motor together but it is done, it just needs gaskets and the top end buttoned up. I'm going to run a SU carb which is my personal favorite. While I would like to keep these risers, I may make a change there. The bars were finished this weekend and I'm happy with them. I was very set on this front end and I think they work well with it, but I also have a perfect condition og harman that I'm now considering as well, but if i do choose to go that route it wont be until after the bike is running. Seat pan is mostly done, I need to fine shape a little more and consider how I'm going to cover it. I am very happy with how the tail light housing is turning out, I still need to add a couple little personal touches here and there on the frame. I have narrowed paint down to either myself, or one of 2 other painters. i just need to decide which of us will provide what the bike needs. At the moment though the molding is what i am most excited about, and its actually too far away for me to even be thinking about it right now, hopefully I make the first cut! My club is very close and family oriented, and we tend to be all hands on deck for any new builds and everyone contributes but in this case I am trying to keep things to myself, which is a very different feeling than we are used to. Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of this deal, its been pretty fun seeing the others updates and I look forward to meeting some new, like minded people along the way.


Bryan Trigila - Turbo Shovelhead

Modifications so far- frame modified for monoshock, pan swingarm extended, magnesium kimtab wheels, magneto and turbo. Modifications to come- girder front made from streamline tubing, different turbo header, handmade tank, tail and oil bag, primo belt drive, mid controls, foot clutch/hand shift.


Carlos Rodriguez - 45 Magnum

I'm using a Vl frame with heavy modifications to cradle a Magnum 45 motor that I picked up a year ago. I'm running mostly stock parts some repop and period pieces. There is no template for a Magnum 45 motor which is both freeing creatively and kinda scary all at once. I'm looking to put together a bike from a lot of influences I had growing up. There will be some plating that will reflect early Harley plating and rust proofing that in a weird way tie into the name of the motor being used. It's been a great source of much needed motivation to be a part of this. Thank you very much for the opportunity and good luck to everyone involved, I'm very excited to see what you all accomplish.


Chris Graves - Big Inch Snow Shovel

This bike started as a 79 FXE, and there's not a whole lot left. I completely tore the motor apart, and will have it completely finished in a couple weeks. I fully went through it- split the flywheels and added a new pinion shaft and crank pin and rebalanced the wheels, fixed a broken cylinder fin and had the jugs bored for some new CP pistons, dual-plugged the heads, and much much more motor work. I also tore the trans apart to have the case and top polished. This is gonna be a full-on show motor.

The frame is a rigid wishbone that’s stretched 3” up, and zero out with 30 degrees of rake.. I’m running a set of Jr’s Cycle Parts skinny 39mm trees and some of Franks nice forks. I shaved and polished the lowers, but might do some more fancy lathe work to them just for fun. I laced one of Warren’s hubs to a Chinese 21” rim and couldn't eliminate the sudden .050 runout at the crappy weld in the rim. I tore it apart and re-laced it to a rim from another wheel and got that sucker true within .010 radial and lateral.The gas tank is in progress, but coming together well. I wanted to keep it classy, so I frisco’d a sporty tank and made a tunnel out of 16gg 304 stainless (which is a bitch to work with), but I managed to get it flat with a clean tunnel bend after getting creative with my hydraulic press. The tank will be painted, but the bottom will be a nice and shiny bit of polished stainless that someone would probably only notice after staring at the bike for a while. There’s actually a lot of stainless on this bike, so stay tuned to see exactly what.

Unfortunately, I don’t get my shovel cases or tranny top back from the polishing shop until tomorrow, but I mocked up the Morris mag on a set of evo cases I had laying around just to show how it looked. I’m bummed I didn't have a whole lot of fab done for this bike at the time I had to submit these photos, as I've really been concentrating on rebuilding the motor. In just a couple of weeks, this will look a lot more like a motorcycle. If I get through to the next round, I’ll be stoked because I have some big, big fabrication plans for this bike and I’m pretty pumped to see it come together. This bike isn't going to be an assembly exercise, and I plan on making many crucial components.

Lastly- If I get through, I’m planning on riding this scooter from Milwaukee to California for Born Free.


Clinton Wallace - Long Pan

It's going to be a 70's inspired long bike, the world needs more of them. If ain't long it's wrong.


Cristian Sosa

I'm planning on using the 1940 Indian Flathead, board track racer inspired. It will be 100% handmade aside from the drive train. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.


Dan Kocka- Buell Chopper

Buell Thunderstorm xb12, modified inverted front end, custom single loop frame 5 up and de-raked, modified swing arm in the works: belt drive, narrowed and stretched peanut tank, 6 inch rise moto bars, mono suspension, mid controls, 2 in 1 exhaust, modified ducktail fender.


Elisa Klien - Show Truimph 

The pipes will be something like what's in the pics, probably not made out of card board though. Sissy bar is done just not mounted or polished. Just got a set of Flanders bars, super hyped on how they work with the bike. Got a chrome tool box cover so I'm going to try and make a tool box to fit, haven't done much sheet metal work so we'll see how that goes, I'm not a super talented fabricator but I'm gonna try my best, over confidence is the key here i think. Don't know what else I can say about it. The look I'm going for is a 60's style show bike. Trying to use lots of old parts to make it 'period correct' whatever that means. Thanks guys!


Eric Spear - Knuckle Drag

Iv'e been busy getting all the pieces to work together while complying with the SCTA Rule Book. I plan on running the bike at the Ohio Mile this year and eventually Bonneville.


Jason Roberson- Denvers Ironhead

Ok, so here are some updates of the Denver's Ironhead project deemed the Moon-runner. Finally got the motor and dropped it in. the motor I'm using is a '72 XLCH. I decided to go with a narrowed Alien tank cause i love the way it sits on this long bike. I'm flush mounting the cap and also flush mounting a compass in the tank next to the gas cap. that way i can always find my way back north. ;)i decided to keep the seat but reupholster it to a better fitting pan and taking out some of the foam top flatten it out. Those Flanders pull back bars got cut to fit in the springer tubes. My next couple weeks with the bike will be all the boring fab work and fitting to get it ready for exhaust positioning and to make sure my fender/sissy bar combo flows properly with the rest of the bike. Its all about the lines for me and i love the ones on this bike so far.


Jason Uhouse- Stripped Down '48

1948 panhead build with a hot rod bobber/dirt tracker flavor. Trying to be as period correct as possible using all original HD parts and vintage mods. Original 1948 frame,matching numbers motor, heads, springer, tanks, fender, etc. I will be swapping out the original oil tank with a nos TT (shortened) oil tank and raising the trans about an inch and a half. Adding firestone ANS knobby tires and modifying a Fairbanks Morse cast magneto to fit in the cases. A few trick parts will be added (stomp switch for hi/lo beams,choke system for the carbs, etc.), and more are in the works. The goal is to be as period correct/authentic as possible while building a bike that looks great and goes like hell.


John Dunn - Pan Swinger

"Trying to build something a little different. Single shock pan swinger frame, modified peashooter springer, with a mix of vintage Harley and hand fabricated parts, built in my home garage."


Josh Brennan - Shovelhead Chopper

Here she is in all her beauty zip ties and duct tape holding it in place, still have plenty to do.


Jud Ferguson- 58 Pan Chopper

Stock panhead frame, ribbed tank, fabrication on fender, exhaust, sissy bar etc. Two wheels, two cylinders, all go, no stop.


Kenny Kirk- VL Shovel

VL frame and fork, generator shovel? (Still working out a few details on motor may run a mag powered cone shovelhead, but would prefer the gennie motor for this build), 4 speed (hand shift), 16" star hub rear with mechanical brake, 21" front (have a star hub, but may run a spool), will have to fab tank, oilbag, sissybar, controls (mids) , all brackets, mounts, linkages, exhaust, and the bars. Should be a really fun build, and I can't wait to ride it.


Kevin Crilly- Dual Carb Pan

Straight leg Panhead frame with some stretch an slight derake..polished pan cases and transmission...18''aluminum wheels front and rear...running dual carb panheads....plan on keeping it fairly simple and clean but still detail oriented


Kyle Edger- The Goat

I reassembled the '32 VL frame and rebuilt the '68 motor, which was a basket. I narrowed the offset springer to accommodate.Slowly moving on to the finish-work.


Matt Bentley- Truimph Sweet Machine

Not a lot to update. I have been collecting materials for my springer front end. Also doing finish work on gas tank and oil tank. Also collecting parts for new front wheel. As for the one sentence to describe the project? I've never been one to name my projects and I am definitely not witty with words. My wife always likes to describe my projects as sweet machines. So I figure I can use that. One sentence to describe the project would be, "Mean Lean Sweet Machine." Thanks for the opportunity and I can't wait to see what everyone has up their sleeves.


Matt Whitlock- Club Shovel

Working Class Shovelhead built to tear up the back roads of Idaho.


Mike Nielsen- Single Look 52

52 Panhead in a Mullins Chain Drive frame lots of custom one parts going to do a little molding and many more details to come

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Commented on 1-13-2014 At 06:25 am

Makes a painter dream of doing cool fab work. Looking killer, y'all.

Commented on 1-13-2014 At 11:01 am

Moon-runner all the way!

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 10:42 am

So many good ones to choose from!

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 10:48 am

Pipe inside the frame is pretty sic!! Can't say I've seen that b4

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 11:18 am

how are we suppose to pick from so many sick bikes@!

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 02:11 pm

moon-runner absolutely

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 03:06 pm

The Goat!!

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 05:45 pm

Clinton's long pan is choppersville... and I'm not a long bike guy.
they are all amazing.

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 06:07 pm

A lot of talented builders. The Goat has my vote though

Commented on 1-15-2014 At 10:51 am


Commented on 1-16-2014 At 06:41 am

The Goat 100 percent, Kyle builds great bikes it def won't disappoint!

Commented on 1-16-2014 At 08:37 am

eric spear... Knuck Bonnilleve racer... something different for a change and fucking badass to boot.

Commented on 1-16-2014 At 10:01 pm

Chris Graves!

Commented on 1-16-2014 At 10:32 pm

Matt bentley sweet machine is sweet

Commented on 1-19-2014 At 10:28 am

Kevin Crilly all day

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