Show Class Magazine's People Champ 2014


Want a chance to pick the FINAL BORN-FREE 6 INVITED BUILDER?


More on that in a minute.....


People who know me know that I usually jump into a situation head first and convince everyone around me that I'll sort it all out whether I believe it myself or not. I have to say when the idea of Show Class Mag picking the final Builder for Born-Free last year came up I was STOKED and scared at the same time. Well, we all worked hard and made it happen..


Seems Mike and Grant were fooled by the smoke and mirrors that and Bobby Good Times (and King Kustoms) made us look like Champs with his People's Champ winning White Wizard taking Best Knucklehead at Born-Free 5.



Well, we have been INVITED back again to bring up the REAR - just where we like to be, is that weird?


Welcome to the Terrordome - People's Champ Part Deux is ON......Starting NOW!


What does that mean for those who missed last year's events? It means that the public at large (whether you like the mag or not) - YOU - get to pick ONE FINAL INVITED BUILDER for this year's Born-Free 6...How's it work? Easy..For now if you wanna be a builder send us an email letting us know you wanna be involved, send your entry email to Your email needs to tell us your name, what bike you're building, photos of the project and your plans for the build. If you're not into building a bike for the show just sit back and wait for it...we'll let you know when we need your help narrowing the field and deciding the WINNER!


The RULES...they are have to build the bike by yourself (yes, you can get help but the heavy lifting has to be done by one person) and the bike has to be a project right now - not a finished bike. ALL bikes are eligible but the bike you're building has to be up to par with the other bikes being shown at Born-Free, don't kid yourself thinking you can build some half-baked hunk of shit and make it into the show because you have a ton of Facebook homies who'll vote for you. We value Born-Free for THE place to showcase classic vintage choppers are and we aren't into doing anything that'll change that in any way. All we're looking to do is add some spice with people that might not be on anyone's radar just yet...


If you want in we need to know NO LATER than 12/1.


That's it... now let the games begin....We will narrow the field, let the public vote and then you'll be at the show making moves as an INVITED BORN-FREE VI BUILDER.... how about that?


Here's some inspiration from the rest of the top six builders to get you on the right path.....


Shawn Long's - AKA Imperial House - "Undercover Virgin"


Jordan Dickinson's 1964 Harley Panhead


Jason M. Roche's 1975 HD xlch


Pete Mason's 1940 Knucklehead Chopper


Travis McLelland's 1960 Harley Panhead


We will publicize all the dates (when the cuts will be made), how the voting will work, etc. in the next week or so.... for now, start making plans.... Now,get to WORK!



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Commented on 11-18-2013 At 11:27 pm

I've got a gnar 2005 GZ-250 build where the F do I sign up?

Commented on 11-19-2013 At 01:46 am

That 60 Panhead is freaking far out, Yup Darth Vaders Chopper gets 2nd place. 1st goes to the chick on White Wizard XD

Commented on 11-19-2013 At 08:01 am

It was cool as shit last year and it'll be even cooler this year!! Thanks to tim and everyone at the mag for doing this again!!! look forward to checking it out in the mag!!!

Commented on 11-19-2013 At 09:27 am

Some of the best bikes in the entire show were guys from the Show Class promo!! Please get involved this year we have something special planned for the bikes that make it to the end!!!

Commented on 11-20-2013 At 10:57 am

The People's Champ was such a great idea; this is exactly the kind of thing that our "scene" (I know, but I couldn't think of a better word) needs, IMO. Fresh ideas; people and businesses coming together to encourage people to build and to acknowledge their efforts. That's good stuff so I'm stoked to see it coming back again for 2014. Every single bike in the 2013 top 6 is a total dream machine.

Sean: Please bring the Virgin to Austin with you for the Round-up in April. You can store it in my garage if you need to and I promise to stay up all night staring at it in order to make sure that it's safe...and I won't touch.


Commented on 11-20-2013 At 11:04 am

Doh, sorry, it's Shawn...not Sean.

Commented on 12-6-2013 At 08:09 pm

This sounds like a blast, got me wishin i was ready for a fresh rebuild. Gonna beat er up next summer n get in on this. cANT STOP CHOPPIN

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