Show Class Magazine People's Champ 6


The Show Class Magazine People’s Champ heads into the sixth year, and the competition is as intense as ever. Just like in past years, 25 garage builders are given the chance of a lifetime. Not only will one builder display their righteous build next to the Born-Free Invited Builders, but it also gives all the builders an extra push within the industry. Past People’s Champ alumni include Christian Newman, Daril Borbal, JP Rodman, Mike Nielsen, and Bobby Middleton and they continue to build stellar motorcycles and parts today. The People’s Champ has also introduced us to talented folks like JJ Rides, Louie and Norman Hartley, Johnny Branch, Elliot Grosshans, Dave Herr, Chris Graves, Ashley Mitchell, and the list goes on. Each person brings their fresh and non-conformist style to the table, which is what makes the People’s Champ builds so unique. Please take a moment to meet this year’s builders and cast your vote at the bottom of this article. Your vote will help choose the lucky thirteen to move to the next round of the competition.



Introducing AJ Anderson

"Making progress on the Panshovel and trying to capture a 60s-70s club vibe. Wild, but still very rideable. Coming out of Iowa the old images of El Forastero bikes are always in my mind. Tons of work and handmade parts to come. My chopper will be truly garage built with minimal tools, minimal knowledge, just a dream and a little bit of ambition. Cheers everyone!" - AJ


Introducing Andy Robitaille

"Last year I bought a 1963 Panhead that someone has put Shovelheads on it and it was in a nice early wishbone frame. It was in February and I was already building myself a nice 1960 Panhead but I found the 63 at a really great price so I scooped it up. It needed almost nothing to get it running, it wasnt planned but I decided to do something nice and fast with parts I had just because I couldn’t wait to next winter. It wasnt exactly how I wanted it but still turned out pretty cool. This winter I decided to do something 100% my way, a 60's bike like you could have seen on those old photos or in a 60's biker flick. I kept the paint because I like it too much to repaint but I’m going to change almost everything else. I am doing an outlaw chopper that would’ve been a daily rider back in the day, not a show bike. Frond end is a K-Model with a 21" wheel and pre-unit bars, 18" rear wheel, engine will have Panheads put back on and some straight pipes. I am trying to give it a couple nice details. I like em dirty!" -Andy


Introducting Anthony Robinson

"My current project is this 1969 Trumpet T-100 that I have dubbed Sangria, for no other reason than the wife’s love for wine. So, I started with this reverse goose neck trumpet frame that I hard-tailed, stretched, and dropped it in the weeds. Then I threw on some Firestone shoes, laced up with triple plated chrome nipples and spokes. I decided to fabricate something outside of the box, so I threw in a glass oil bath with chromoly supports. For the rear fender, I chopped it up a bit and gave it a sassy sissy bar. I'm running a super skinny wassell gas tank, trying to keep the whole build skinny, like on a diet. I’m sticking with the original Dunlop rear wheel, but for the front, I’m running a 37 girder so a stock front wheel wouldn’t work. So, I picked up a wheel from my buddy Pat, it was a super skinny hub on a 17", so I converted it to a 19” and had it polished. Im running little mini apes, 8", with stock dogbones. It will have an open primary, and a Joe Hunt Mag. Im super stoked to be involved in this People’s Champ 6!" -Anthony


Introducing Bishop Ramirez

"So this is my build. It's my vision of a 60's show bike. It’s got a 64 drive train in a 57 frame with a 12 over narrow i-beam springer, all sitting on 21" in the front and 19" in the rear so you can surmise that it’s going to be on the skinny side. The plan now that I have a roller is to quarter and mold a Wassell peanut tank to the frame, modified Flanders risers with drag bars. The seat will be a king and queen with a stainless steel cradle and from the side will look like two pointy Nike swooshes with tucked red velvet. Ending with the square stock sissy bar with chrome integrated diamond shaped reserve gas tank. I'm excited to see how this will turn out. Thanks." -Bishop


Introducing Brandon Fischer

"Originally I was going to finish building my current evo for People’s Champ 6, but I ended up going an entirely different route. I used an older frame I had sitting around and purchased a 49 to put in it. The motor is dual plugged with a dual throat Solex carb. I picked up a 20 over Freddy Hernandez springer from a swap meet which was way longer than I want, but I got it fairly cheap and figured I'd see how it looked. The seat will be similar but may (this could look extremely lame) have tassels hanging off the side of the open queen section, against a taller sissy bar. For paint, I plan on doing a cream frame fading into a black axle and neck with the same color jewel inlayed into the tank. I'm going to attempt to do acetylene smoke on the cream, but I'll probably fuck that up. I'll also be trying to cast a new front rocker box out of high temp clear resin, which I'll also probably fuck up." -Brandon


Introducing Carlos Valdez

"I want to thank Show Class magazine for letting me be a part of this great contest. I’m building this bike because it’s my brother Chema’s favorite old Triumph. He built it real quick right before he passed away in a chopper accident when we were on a different bike last May 13th. I’ve recovered from my physical injuries and feel ready to put it back together and get it done just like he wanted it. I’m so glad Joey Cano @Slab_side accepted to do the paint Job, in Memory of Jose Maria Valdez AKA Chema - Joey has always been a good friend to both of us. This chopper is a 1959 TR6C Preunit bored .20 over with a Lucas mag, Amal carburetter, 9 bolts head, polished crankcases and trans, aluminum oil bag, 14” ape hangers with handmade narrow risers, rolling on a 21 spool hub on Avon speedmaster MKII, 18-4.00 rear with a mechanical brake, and a vintage fender. I’m planning on moving to the states next month and will finish the bike there! Thanks." - Carlos


Introducing Chad Daly

"Been having a blast trying to keep up with the Jones’! Here's a right side mock up pic of my Ironhead "Halfjap". Been focusing on the frame so my boys and I can dip it live on the ol Instagram at the end of February. Lots more metal moulding left to do, followed by filing, sanding and primer, then we dip! After dip I will concentrate on sand casting all the small parts I need with my garage foundry. Then I'm onto the engine, paint, and upholstery. Send tallboys of Coors light and High Seas Jerky, I'm gonna need it!! Excited to be a part of this, and I hope y'all dig what im up to. I will have less than 3k into this bike when im done. True garage building, no CNC's, trust funds, 401ks or sponsors here. Finally going back to a regular schedule at work, so I can put much more time towards this gal. Thanks again for the chance guys, I really fucking appreciate it!" -Chad


Introducing Chad Mooney & Daniel Bryan

"The inspiration behind this bike comes from the late 60’s, to early 70’s era of Northern California Bay Area chopper. Tall, lean, clean, and mean! We’ll be sourcing parts locally, as much as possible, but preferably pieces with history pertaining to this area. The 84” generator shovel and 4-speed ratchet top trans. should shit and get just fine, and have no problems lifting the 8” over, 1939 big twin springer front end off the ground. Sprung, stroked, and rigid, she’ll be a mag havin’, kick only street machine with just as much style as functionality. We also have a few surprises in mind, including a hand operated rear juice drum - no front brake and no foot brake! Hope y’all are diggin it! Keep the wheels turning!" -Chad & Daniel at SRM


Introducing Chuck Low

"I’m building a 1937 big twin Flathead. The frame is a stock VL and I’m running star hub wheels & a Panhead transmission. Tall sissy bar tall pipes with a skinny cobra king and queen made by BnC Cycles. I’ll be making a lot of one off parts like a oil tank made from two Panhead rockers covers." -Chuck


Introducing Colin Cornberg

"The idea for the build spawned from the handlebars I dreamt up and built this past summer, that combined with flipping the bird to period and genre correctness. Im building a chopper, with design elements I've never seen or are at least very original, but ironically using a very boring '87 Harley Davidson XLH 1100 powerplant. Pulling inspiration from across the board from classic diggers through super skinny 70's choppers. The whole front end, frame, gas tank, rear fender and sissy bar, I have designed and built with the help a friend's manual lathe, mill, my hand tools and my mitts. The same will be true for the oil bag and the rest of the bike. To keep it spicy the engine is going to get two rear heads with dual carbs. The gas and oil tanks will be molded to the frame and I'm making my own hour-glass shaped headlight. She's also getting a suicide shifter set up, a big ol' king and queen going up the sissy and possibly different wheels. Everything that can be hand made will be... within reason, whatever that means. Huge thanks to Show Class Mag and Born-Free for providing the opportunity for all of us builders! Thanks for reading and remember to vote!" -Colin


Introducing Curtis Bennett

"I live in Victoria BC, where I work as a metal fabricator, and build choppers out of my apartment. This year for the People’s Champ contest I decided to push myself and build something outside my comfort zone of 60s-70s choppers. I started with the front end, wheel, and lower end of a 1978 XLH Ironhead. I cut the trans off the case, and after tons of welding and grinding, a modified twin front shovelhead top end has been grafted inplace. I’ll use XR1000 cams, a custom mag, and a set of pyrex pushrod covers. The frame is an all aluminum unibody (gas tank, oil tank, seat and fender are all integrated into the frame) with the stainless steel motor cradle bolting up to the top section. Right now the plan calls for mag wheels, no front brake, the aluminum bits, including the frame is going full chrome with the stainless getting glass beaded. Some things may change, as the contest goes along. Good luck to the whole 25 list!" -Curtis


Introducing Drake Sheehan

"Here’s what we got. A 52 fl in 57 frame. 2 over wide glide with 21 in the front and 16 in the rear. Stock brake and linkage. Star hubs front and back. Wassel tins with the tank being modified by @the_livin_company then off to Mark Drews for body work. Engine and trans will be gone through and rebuilt by Moreland. Upsweep pipes with only ideas with what’s going on the ends of em. Bars and risers are still a mystery as well, along with what’s holdin the fender on there. Nothin fancy or out of this world but it will be a very good lookin machine when it gets there with chrome about everywhere and a never disappointing paint job by @paintbychaka. tough 1960s chopper with a "less is more" approach and a lot of class n no gimmicks. Thanks to all the guys helpin me along with this thing." -Drake


Introducing Jake Keough

"The inspiration for this build came from two places. 1. I wanted to build a bike that my lady and I could go long distances on and be perfectly comfortable. We started kicking around the idea of doing a cross country trip at the end of next summer to hit Apocalypse Run and Brooklyn Invotaional.... Basically I wanted to build a bike that would be as functional and comfortable for long hauls as a a Dyna or FXR. 2. East Coast Muscle, specifically the New York tough bikes being put out in the late 80s early 90s. If I'm building another bike for myself you better believe it's gonna be the baddest thing I can come up with. So the "FXR Eater" or "Shop Bike" was born. I had almost everything up to this point laying around in my shop so it seemed like a good idea to put the pieces together. Still toying with some different parts like the front wheel and a few other things. The bike will share a lot of the same parts as my daily rider shovelhead The Reapers Revenge so in the case that something goes wrong on either bike the odds will be that I'll have the spare part on the other bike. 3" open belt primary RC Comp solid rear wheel, King sporty tank, dual steering dampners, CNC one off fork brace, suicide clutch jockey shift, fully built close ratio Cowpie Tranny, just to name a few of the parts. The bike will get a full flame job with Black being the base color and I am doing everything other than Chrome in my shop. See ya on the highway or at the strip."-Jake


Introducing Jaren Flikke

"This bike is a tribute to my clubs choppers from the 80’s. Big Frame, Big Motor, Big Party. Getting a ton of help from brothers and friends. Just a no bullshit chopper built to ride." -Jaren


Introducing Jeff Biberdorf

"Building a 1986 FXR chopper. I built the frame just about from scratch, its 8 up 5 out and stock rake. Evo engine and 5 speed trans are rubber mounted. Using castings from a shovelhead frame allows me to mount an original, un-modified Crazy Frank fender. Front end is a dual disc, 8 over 35mm with Stretched Showa lowers. Wheels are stock rims with new Dunlop qualifier tires. 2 piece handmade leather seat will definitely be a centerpiece and be done by myself and I will also be painting the bike, black with a tan/yellow flame."-Jeff


Introducing Jeff Bloedorn

"I’m building a 1945 HD FL in a 5” up 2” out VL frame with a 30” over rigid Freddy Hernandez front end, 21” high shoulder wheel on a spool, 18” high shoulder rear wheel on a star hub with a mechanical brake, IRC dual purpose tires, 4-speed pan trans with a jockey top, mag, linkert carb, cooper smithing co. rear fender, 2 spot light headlights and an internal HD throttle, I’ll be making the stainless exhaust and oil bag, foot clutch and foot pegs, the sissy bar will have some rose details with a rose led tail light, the gas tank will be be molded into a rose as well. The king and queen will be white leather the frame will be cream/white with rose colored fades at the axle plates and the gas tank. All the plating will be nickel. Building this bike to ride not hide. Hope you dig it!" -Jeff


Introducing Jeremy Swenson

"I’m building a 1961 Panhead that I have stroked to a “88. The motor cases and original trans have been polished and I will be running an SU carb. My frame is a 70’s swing arm Shovelhead that I have modified with a hard tail and a radical gooseneck. The frontend I’m running is an original John Harmon “Spirter” that’s 20” over with spool wheel. I’ll be using a “16 Star hub rear with juice break. The tank, oil tank, and fender will all be molded in along with the neck and some frame gussets that I will be adding to the rear section. This build is being built by me with minimal tools and equipment, with all old chopper parts that I have dug out of garages and sheds or found at swap meets. I guess that’s my inspiration, to do it how they did in the early days, making stuff work to have a bike like nobody else’s. Thanks again for this opportunity."-Jeremy


Introducing Josh Sheehan

"Chopper history is big for me. A well thought out chopper isn’t just about what parts are on a bike. Every piece has a story to tell and a finished chopper should allow for the story to be told and questions to be asked. The stance on this bike is very aggressive. I wanted the bike to be lean, mean and look fast as hell while it's sitting still. I plan on riding it all the way to the show and I'm bringing all the homies with me. Anyways, here are the details: Early ’49 wishbone frame that @theysaid_hi restored and @sikdalton raked out to 41 degrees. I raised the trans up an inch. 1968 Generator Shovel. 74”. The sand cast rockers (finished) and 66-69 cam cover (not finished yet) will be hand engraved by my extremely talented pops, @dsengraver. 1965 trans case that also needed a few repairs by the homie @theysaid_hi . I rebuilt the guts with all new gears/shafts/cover and lid. The shifter is from Gabe at @afterhourschoppers , and the shift knob was turned for me by @ronniekainmarshall . 20” over, tapered and rigid front end. Built by @sikdalton . Inspired by the springers made in the valley in the 60’s by Tommy McKibben. The trees have a ¼” rake and are designed to lessen the flop on the front wheel. Tom built right around 3 of those tapered springers. That was it. They never really took off and were it not for Dalton, the design idea would have nearly been lost. Check my profile for more photos! 21” front- small spool hub by @ronniekainmarshall laced to a high shouldered hoop with Buchanan spokes. 18” rear- Star hub laced to high shouldered hoop, Buchanan spokes. @Lowbrowcustoms WX Split Tanks/Duckbill ribbed fender. TT style oil bag to make room for the raised trans. One off sissy bar and handlebars that will complement each other by @deathtrapsmc . Custom narrow “Chopper Wall” seat made for me by @BMCMotorcyclecompany . Exhaust: a nod to the Dick Allen style 2-1 collector, tucked nicely under the raised trans, built by @whitepantherwelding . Thanks for the support!" -Josh


Introducing Lee Wiedrich

"My People’s Champ bike as of today. 60s show bike influence, but I wanted it to be a stripped down bike I could go tear around on, not practical, but fun and full of a lot of old parts I've been hoarding. Early pan frame that @pineapple_jay fixed up all nice for me, @lowbrowcustoms tank and fender that I've cut up and modified, putting a 64 motor and trans that my engine builder @smalldickpoppa is fixing up for me, getting my finish welding and fabbing done so I can get it to @brundlebronson for some kustum paint. This is pretty much an all North Dakota built bike, lots of help from all the @vitzyboys, seat upholstery done by monte @canvasguy and thanks Nate @sweetavefab for letting me fill your shop with junk and use all your tools. Thanks Show Class for the opportunity! Vote for me so I can party with my boys in California." -Lee


Introducing Matt Graham

"This VL chopper will have a lot of drag influence, but will still lean more to being a high rollin' ground pounding chopper than a low drag bike. We got hella fucked up roads out here. The sketch is pretty close to what I'm going for. I'm very stoked to be building a party bike with all-a-y'all." -Matt


Introducing Mike Pantazi

"I wanted to build a bike that wasn’t like everything else out there so started with a nice stock 83 FXRT and went up and in with a little derake for some added cool points. Goal is to build a reliable chopper that looks cool and I can also smash a ton of miles on two up touring this summer. Keeping it looking cool but somewhat comfortable and still able to handle as an fxr should has been a fun challenge. Front end is being built by Kris Klein and will be a dual disc girder, rest of the fab work is being done in house. Still working out the tank and the fender will be getting some more shape but this shows the general idea its heading. Keeping it shovel, going mag fired, open primary, mids, fully molded and bunch of other little things." -Mike


Introducing Reid McCleary

"Two months ago I took my stock, tweaker built Shovelhead, tore her apart and started building a bike unlike anything I've had to do before. The two major parts that had to be built in order to get it to a roller state were the two things I myself nor @yetijeff have ever done. Retro fitting a spindle mount car wheel to run on the back of the bike. Followed shortly after by my first ever built from scratch take on a Harman Spirder. With the lack of information out there on these front ends it was no easy task. Here we are two months later with a roller that actually works! We raked the frame to 60° and brought the neck back one inch. When we did the hardtail we raised the axle plates three inches and shortened it by two all in effort to keep this bike 4" off the ground with the bottom frame rails running parallel to the ground but also keeping the frame as short as possible. Next up is building a Harman influenced oil bag, molding the tank, fender and seat to the frame. The motor in this frame is just for mock up. We are currently polishing the cases and rebuilding a '79 motor that will breath Alcohol & Nitrous through a DHLA40. All work done in house right here in Riverside, California at Mac Speed Cycle Works. We look forward to seeing you at Born Free, on the Highway, and at the strip. Ride safe, and thank you Show Class for putting this whole deal together!" -Reid


Introducing Ryan McQuinston

"This is a 1959 Panhead fully molded chopper I will be using a 41mm wideglide +12 all performance machine front and rear disc brake system 16” rear with a M&H dragtire 21” front with Firestone ribbed 3.00 tire king and queen seat sissybar setup with fatbob rear fender a 3.5 mustang fuel tank horse shoe oil tank 14” apehangers paint will be onyx black with cobalt blue candy over black on camside of bike from neck to axle plate will be gold leaf flames with baby blue pinstripe...... Bringing Our A game!!" -Ryan


Introducing Shamus Mathers

"I set out to build a bike with the intention of ending up with something I can jam on the country roads where I live. This 1951 Panhead started off with the frame. Along with the major restoration work, every factory weld has been redone and blended to give the entire frame a uniform cast look. The motor is gonna keep its stock displacement but is getting a lotta love with a bunch of ground-up performance upgrades. Everything is done in-house with the exception of chrome and upholstery. The bike will have a ton of original Harley parts, but mostly parts I made, and a few choice pieces made by buds that I just couldn’t live without. It’s gonna have some aggressive lines and harsh angles throughout; a far cry from the soft and pretty chopper. It will make your kids cry." -Shamus


Introducing Thomas Minor

"#Williesride and myself are back in Kansas City working on a new shop with some old friends. I finally got stance and portions figured out and my seat pan shipped out to B&C. Bondo is being rubbed and still need to decide colors for the Weasel. Excited to get parts out to chrome and polisher. #Williesride is 100% inspired by the bikes and people I’ve met in this community the past two years of traveling. Some info for those of you just catching on… Survivor stretched 48 frame, Micks Chop Shop 25" over springer, SS sissy w/ 1913 sword, louver stuff, brakes, fat ass, little spoolie, and tricked DC7 fueled hot rod shovelhead put down by a 47 trans. Countless great people are involved in this build. Much more to come! Thank you." -Thomas

The polls are closed. Check below for the results!

I would like to thank Justin at Show Class Magazine for allowing ChopCult to be apart of the voting process and for giving these guys a platform to showcase their talent.



UPDATE -3/12/2018

We would like to congratulate the Lucky 13 for moving forward and thank YOU for voting. We'll see you at Cook's Corner and Born-Free! Be sure to follow Brandon, Carlos, Chuck, Curtis, Jaren, Jeff, Jeff, Josh, Lee, Mike, Reid, Shamus, and Thomas to watch their builds come to life.

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Ryan Mcquiston

Commented on 3-11-2018 At 05:19 pm

Ryan Mcquiston

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As a general rule I don't like Canadians but Curt's build is unreal. True craftsmanship.

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