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Scott Stopnik lives in SoCal and is a regular fixture in the Golden State's chopper scene. Because he rolls with the Cycle Zombies, Scott knows cool iron when he sees it. This recently finished shovelhead from the Stopnik stable is proof. Follow along on its owner's stream of consciousness as Scott explains the twisted story of his rare bird.


So it's the end of the day at the Long Beach cycle swap and my buddy Big Nate of Sideshow Customs still has this super badass roller that he just pulled the motor out off for a different project. I thought what the hell, if I can ever find a motor and transmission I will have a runner. Well the price was right so a deal was struck.

Six months later I was still looking for a titled motor to get this thing running. So Otto Von Blotto gives me a call and tells me about this old ratty bike he passed on that just so happens to have a '67 FLH motor, trans and title. So we buy it  and take it to the shop to strip down. Turk takes the frame, mechanical brakes and a few other parts he needed. The rest went to the Long Beach Swap Meet.

So the pile is setting there and a couple good old boys roll up and ask me where the parts came from, I tell the story and it happens to be a bike that they built for a friend. One of the guys tells me the motor is a bulletproof stroker, complete with a transmission, and the frame is a one-model-year only 48 wishbone! Turk is stoked because his bike is a '48 FL pan/shovel. All things are lining up! I went through the complete bike, and best of all I didn't have to touch the motor. I guess I know what I like, 'cause it seems all my bikes end up looking pretty much the same. Thanks to my sons, the Cycle Zombies, Max Schaaf, Big Nate at Sideshow Customs, Joe Dynomite the V-twin ruler and Jason Weber.

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Commented on 4-29-2011 At 03:12 am

sweet shovel love!

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 05:44 am

beautiful bike

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 07:09 am

Nice Bike!

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 07:33 am

Honestly, my all time favorite bike. Especially in it's last guise. Absolute perfection. I stalk Otto about this bike every single day.

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 08:21 am

Very nice, good to see a real bike.

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 09:16 am

Very cool, thats how I found out about my Stroker

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 10:27 am

love day, one day....

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 11:35 am

i wouldn't change a single thing. you nailed it brother! pretty, classy, understated, built to ride, attention to detail...a+!

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 12:40 pm

good looking bike perfect

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 03:38 pm

this is a sweet bike. Need to put real bars on my shovel, liking this look with the wider apes and dog bones

Commented on 4-29-2011 At 06:55 pm


Commented on 4-29-2011 At 11:14 pm

Such a great style. clean

Commented on 4-30-2011 At 04:33 am

Nice onee.

Commented on 5-1-2011 At 04:15 pm

looks really clean. i like the pushrod tubes

Commented on 5-2-2011 At 02:03 pm


Commented on 5-5-2011 At 03:48 pm

Sick bike man

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 07:06 am

That bike is sweet man. Love it!

Commented on 5-28-2011 At 07:15 am

nice shovel

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