Salinas Boys' Blue Bike


If you've seen Cole Foster's appropriately named Blue Bike before, you're not alone. After he built this thoroughly modern, '50s inspired machine more than a decade ago, chopper journalists everywhere practically tripped over the skull-shaped headlights on their office floors to announce the return of "the bobber." A tidal wave of similar stripped-down machines followed, and a cleaner custom motorcycle aesthetic was born.



Before Cole's Blue Bike and its RevTech Evo rumbled into town, I was enamored by the simplicity and bulldog bluntness of Russell Mitchell's Exile Cycles. Cole’s machine merged Exile’s surgical starkness with a cheerful retro aesthetic that eschewed any of the grunginess that qualified as "style" on many home-built bikes of the day.

Not surprisingly, the Salinas Boys' Blue Bike cribbed much of its tight skin and lean bones from Cole's drag-racing and hotrod roots. If my enthusiasm for this bike and its influence on modern building seems overly effusive, take a peek at recent builds from modern metalcrafters like Caleb Owens and Kim Boyle. Now, consider this: Cole envisioned and assembled his Blue Bike in 2001.

In a vain attempt to inject some hand-crafted style into my own custom constructions, I recently convinced Cole Foster to let me and fellow caveman bike builder Duane Ballard hang around his Salinas Boys shop for some hands-on lessons in metalworking. The results of this informative soiree will be shared in a future how-to on the old 33. Until then, please enjoy these photos of a bike that rests comfortably in my Top-3 of all time.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Commented on 11-22-2012 At 06:36 am

One of the best looking bikes of all time alongside the PJD buildoff winning bike.

Really neat-o.


Commented on 11-22-2012 At 06:44 am

Everything Cole builds so Fuckin' clean.

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 07:48 am

There it is! the champ!

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 09:16 am

That front brake is killer

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 09:46 am

this bike is bad ass every part is just perfect awesome work

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 10:34 am

Bad to the bone!

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 12:03 pm

The man should head a design division for a major USA domestic motorcycle Manufacturer...either Co. would do. Cole Projects aka Cool Projects Divison.

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 02:10 pm

A true craftsman of this age! beautiful!

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 03:39 pm

Cole Foster is Legend.

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 05:41 pm

I still the magazine and I saved the 2 page photo of hf blue bike for personal inspiration. I've loved that bike since the 1st time I laid eyes on it!

Commented on 11-23-2012 At 07:57 am

The first time I saw this bike was in Cycle World Magazine. I knocked my socks off! Clean, Tight, and well executed is the styling of this machine. Tim

Commented on 11-23-2012 At 10:11 pm

Love so many things about this bike. Thanks McGoo for posting this feature!

Commented on 11-24-2012 At 04:26 pm

That front brake design is radass!

Commented on 11-25-2012 At 03:52 pm

my favorite EVO. Does He even ride that bike. It always looks brand new.
I know He doesn't ride it at night, I mean how could you see with the headlamp shining in the sky? Awesome bike.

Commented on 11-28-2012 At 04:29 pm

Of course I'd seen it before, but not in such detail un. buh. leave. able.

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