One thing for sure is that ChopCult’s international community is stronger than ever. Indonesia is a hotbed for custom motorcycle enthusiasts, making up 20% of our social media following. We love seeing the builds that their community produces, sometimes with little resources and equipment. Many thanks to Michael for sharing his bike with us.

Owner name, location: Michael S.G., Surabaya (Indonesia)

ChopCult Member profile: Follower of Chop Cult on Instagram

Bike name: Sabrina

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 2007 Yamaha Scorpio, kick-starter delete, bored up 250 CC with forged piston, high-lift cam, & ported n’ polished head

Frame: Handmade frame - customized Frisco style

Fork: Customized from original Yamaha Scorpio and customized alloy CNC triple tree

Chassis mods: Handmade rigid frame - Frisco style with high mounted gas tank, high mid foot controls)

Tire/wheel size and style: Front rim (customized kimtab style) 21” x 1.60, front tire 21” x 300 Shinko e270

Rear rim: Customized kimtab style 16” x 250, rear tire 16” x 500 Fuckstone

My favorite thing about this bike: Handmade accessories, details and the paint:

Handmade wheels (inspired from kimtab wheels) 

Handmade electrical box

Handmade battery box

Handmade riser and handlebar

Handmade gas tank with little crocodile skull on the middle

Handmade rear fender & rigid frame

Handmade seat

Handmade footsteps

Handmade brackets for headlight, ignition coil, exhaust, rear disc brakes,  engine

The next modification will be: Make the head a twin port so that it will be two exhausts soon!

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: There were many trials and errors and many sad and happy moments when I built this bike. So much effort in the process, but it feels so amazing now that the bike is finally done. The takeaway is that I’ve made many friends from working on and riding this bike.

Thanks to: @minority_custom, @denokpaint, & @jrsracingsiagian- Michael

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Commented on 3-15-2023 At 12:55 pm

This thing is IMMACULATE.

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