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Rob Galan or Rouser Rob as he's known in the chopper scene understands a thing or three about Harley's entry level cruiser. Marketing wizards and douche nozzles at Hooters would like you believe the MoCo's venerable XL is for first-timers and old ladies, and that's just fine with Rob. Pigeonholing like this keeps prices down on donor bikes, which is great for everyone.

Rob's The Fastest Loser 3.0 or TFL3 for short has been all over the place, both on blacktop and the information superhighway.

Rob builds and rides Sporties down in Corpitos, TX, and this is just one example of his inspired work. Rob's ramblings are a regular feature on the ChopCult BlogDump, and you can read Rob's wizard-chasing chronicles on his Rouserworks website.




Words from Rob:

99 buell m2, 1250 kit, dyna 2000i, cv carb, and h-pipes rule! 

They don't build them like they used too, in fact I don't think they even built this one.

39mm in CCE trees, dropped 2", heavy fork oil with 1oz extra in each tube.

Skid plate, magnet kickstand, and the needed chain tensioner that became a gimmick.

16" 4 spoke invaders wrapped in firestone re-pops, there's dyna beads in there too.

That it fully represents me in every way... a little chubby, always dirty, and loves ice cream

No more mods, well maybe a windshield.

A points cover that was made just for me, a gift of thanks and a sign of friendship.

35 days after my dad died, I got on this moto and crossed into mexico. My life changed and my moto was there to get me where I needed to be. Some have best friends, others have soul mates. I have this here motobike.









Click the above image for a big pic you can use as a desktop background. (Luv ya, Rob.)

Rob's ChopCult profile

Rob's website: Rouserworks

Photos by BFJosh



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Commented on 10-17-2009 At 05:43 pm

i've always loved this bike.
those wheels are killer.

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 06:52 pm

Fuck, this bike is fucking TITS!!! Wow. Those 4 spoke invaders are fucking sick!! Well done.

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 07:06 pm

Hellz yeah,

Rob showin' some Sportster Love!


Commented on 10-17-2009 At 07:31 pm

Wow that is one nice bike. Sportsters: Blowing away big twins since '57

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 07:52 pm

Sick shit.

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 08:16 pm

i love the gangsta lean.

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 08:39 pm

very cool ride.

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 08:43 pm

do not touch the trim.

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 09:57 pm

very cool.

can someone IM and explain how hte hell a magnetic kickstand works and or his kickstand setup??

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 11:17 pm

if im right i believe he has a magnet on his frame rail and it holds his kickstand in the up position

Commented on 10-17-2009 At 11:44 pm

ok so the lean is from a low bike+ short kickstand?

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 06:04 am

I love this bike, it has it's own style that in itself makes it cool. Besides who doesnt dig a moto that loves ice cream?

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 06:43 am

That bike is unreal......if sportys get trendy I'm going on a killing spree

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 08:44 am

no the way its leaning in the photo is because its propped up on the pegs you can see the kickstand in the first photo we just didnt use it for the shoot

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 09:22 am

Rob has a couple of those little super magnets on his frame rail. the magnets are about the size of an aspirin.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 09:34 am

love rouser sportys

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 12:38 pm

nice write up, there, my new friend. proud to roll alongside TFLIII on this year's GR3. and, thanks again for the pin! proud to rock it.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 12:42 pm

Mikey Likey! I think i saw version one being built in eagle vail or flying through dowd junc several years ago.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 03:58 pm

I don't understand what all the fuss is, that Rouser guy just seems plain fruity to me.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 04:04 pm

did it fall over....

whats with the lean?

different strokes for different folks

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 04:54 pm

Rob is a stand up guy, and his bike rules, he stopped my place by to and from his way on the Gypsy Run riding that bike

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 04:58 pm

Sick ride, nothing out of place and nothing unecessary.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 05:06 pm

Seeing this bike in person at Lake Skinner was a visual treat. I aspire to reach the same level of attention to detail with my own XL rebuild. And Rob is a cool caballero.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 06:01 pm

Great looking ride, Josh, plus it is obvious you ride the shit out of it.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 09:28 pm

Rob is one of those guys that's great to be around. That smile is why he's known as the Bromantic A'rouser. Great taste in bikes & taillights and rides to be riding. I'd say he's in my top 5 dudes I look forward to seeing on road trips.

Commented on 10-18-2009 At 10:41 pm

serious face... and i bet its quick too

Commented on 10-19-2009 At 06:30 am

1st time i met rob was on the EDR. i said 'man, that bike is fuckin' rad' he said 'thanks! wanna ride it?!'. i declined the offer but was stoked to meet a guy as awesome as him. fortunately we both survived considerable crashes last year & hammered out some rainy miles together again this year. rob joe = ruler.

Commented on 10-19-2009 At 11:20 am

I love that bike. Wish I'd got it in the mag first...

Commented on 10-19-2009 At 12:18 pm

Rob can even make my surf shorts look good!!!!

Commented on 10-19-2009 At 04:29 pm

yeah, im still rockin a pin rob gave me at the bash last year,, good guy, way good bike.....invaders, when i can afford em im gettin em

Commented on 10-19-2009 At 07:44 pm

I had a chance to meet Rob at the bash.
Down to earth looks amazing

Commented on 10-19-2009 At 09:40 pm

damn I'm building a sporty next. Even though they cost a bomb here in Oz.

Commented on 10-20-2009 At 06:40 am

Its like the perfect woman, big in all the right places

Commented on 10-20-2009 At 08:09 am

I love this bike and I love Rob.

Commented on 10-20-2009 At 11:19 pm

Ha Ha.. Rob!.. Doin' Corpus Proud...Tell the wizard i said 'whats up.'

Commented on 10-21-2009 At 05:08 am

robs dreamy even if he does ride a girls bike

Commented on 10-21-2009 At 07:17 am

Rob's builds kill it. No cookie cutter bullshit.

Commented on 10-21-2009 At 07:10 pm

how narly is that rear fender. fucking sweet bike.

Commented on 10-22-2009 At 08:45 am

His bikes are bullet proof - He put something like 3K miles on one doin' EDR Long Way without some much as a loose bolt.

Commented on 10-23-2009 At 06:15 am

Dude that lean is so bad ass. Love the clean look of the wheels as well.

Commented on 10-23-2009 At 11:40 am

Just that loose nut behind the bars, Leoj!

Commented on 10-24-2009 At 09:32 am

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE its not the the fastest loser. he lied. its the fattest loser.

Commented on 10-29-2009 At 04:01 am

Great pics! Love it!

Commented on 10-29-2009 At 01:27 pm

Bare bones, kickin ass and dont care about the names...... SWEET BUBBA!!!!!

Commented on 11-26-2009 At 03:39 pm

Sick bike man

Commented on 2-18-2010 At 08:39 pm

There is not a single damn thing not to like on this bike. Well done.

Commented on 2-18-2010 At 08:40 pm

There is not a single damn thing not to like on this bike. Well done.

Commented on 3-12-2010 At 03:54 pm

I'm all about the sporty!

Commented on 5-5-2010 At 06:02 pm

Love the lean. sick bike

Commented on 6-26-2010 At 06:52 am

Sorry for your loss. a great a great friend.

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