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ChopCult is more than a website; it’s a community where we get to meet people and hopefully build lifelong friendships. Through our connections on social media you get to follow folks who have inspired us with their craftsmanship. We were fortunate to feature Larry Pierce, owner of Garage Company Customs, here numerous times. Most of the editorial staff, past and present, have built a great personal relationship with Larry and we are all deeply saddened to the news of his untimely death. He passed away Saturday night during a freak 4 wheeler accident.  I don’t know the details of how it happened, nor do I ever care to know. I just want to remember the person he was; a kind southern gentleman with a true heart. If you had the chance to meet Larry, you knew instantly you had a friend for life.


Photo by Benji Laney


I had the opportunity to cross paths with Larry six years ago while working with the Limpnickie Lot and Cycle Source Magazine. I knew of him by following the very popular Haints blog and he always came across as a guy who enjoyed himself. During our first conversation he called me Ma’am which most folks take offense to, but I understood that for Larry it was a term of endearment. Over the years our friendship blossomed and I enjoyed watching from the sidelines as his brand grew. Larry was a humbled man that really didn’t care about the fame but more living life to the fullest.  My heart is heavy and I can’t understand why things like this happen to the best of them. This sudden and drastic loss has been felt throughout the motorcycle community, and to be honest, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Maybe it’s because he was one of ours, or because he had the world by the balls and was actually living the American dream.  He owned his own business and was building his brand with the love of his life Ashley.  If you ran into Larry, you knew Ashley wasn’t too far away; they were a match made in heaven.


Photo by Jessica Stopnik captured during Born Free 5


You can always tell the character of a true gentleman by the legacy he leaves behind. Throughout social media the same words are used over and over to describe Larry; humble, great guy, true friend, whole-hearted man, comedian, well respected, true inspiration, great dancer, and brother. 


I thought that the best way to pay homage to the talented builder that we all knew was to showcase some of our past features. Please click on the images to see the full feature


Larry's Astroglide Shovelhead


Larry Pierce's Evo Sporty Chopper


Garco's 30-Day Wonder


GarCo Custom's CB450


Garage Co. Customs' David Chopperfield


Larry was well known for his sense of humor, unconditional love for their pets, and loved to dance, which shined through on his Born Free Videos.


 Photos by Daniel Thomas captured during the taping of Larry's Born-Free Invited Builder videos.


Its been overwhelming to see how everyone is coming together for Ashley and Larry's family. We are in the beginning stages of creating an event to benefit them, the details will be announced at a later date. Here are a few fundraising efforts going on right now if you would like to donate.


From Lowbrow Customs, "Buy a Garco t-shirt and 100% of sales including anything already placed the past weekend will go to help his family." Buy yours here,   



From Showclass Magazine, "This past weekend, the Show Class family lost a very dear friend, Larry Pierce, as did many of you. In an effort to offset some of his family's burden, we are donating $2 from every magazine sold this month to them. We could never even attempt to put a price on the positive influence Larry had over all of us, but hopefully we can make a positive impact on the future of Larry's legacy. Thanks for your support!"

Show your support here


If you would like to leave a few words about Larry, please comment here or add them to this thread.


I reached out to Mike Tubbs, owner of Chopper Prophets, to include his recent interview with Larry. The full interview can be found here



Photo by Debbie Fitch


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ashley, Larry’s family and to all that love him.

Much love and respect,


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Commented on 4-14-2014 At 03:30 pm

God Speed Friend.

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 03:46 pm

Rip Larry, ride free my good man.

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 04:35 pm

A true man among men. May his memory be eternal!

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 04:41 pm

One of the best. He will be sorely missed. Good dude to the core.

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 05:27 pm

Thanks for doing this Lisa. Larry was someone I never met in person but always said I would. Ride on Larry.

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 06:14 pm

My heart goes out to Larry's family. RIP

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 06:47 pm

god bless umbrae

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 07:33 pm

RIP Larry.

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 07:51 pm

Larry was an amazing friend and builder and those in Southern California want to honor and celebrate his life so we are getting together at Callahan's Irish Pub & Grill (200 Irwindale Ave., Azusa, CA) on Thursday, April 17th at 7:30pm. Come by if you are in the area.

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 08:44 pm

Just by watching videos of him or via his and Ashleys Instagram posts I just really enjoyed Larry. I never met him and was planning on driving from Miami to his shop to hang out and shoot some pictures for fun. The closest I got to meeting him was editing the video for Eric at Empire of Rust when he rode to Born Free 5 last year. Now I can only get to know him through everyone else who knew him and speak so highly of him that even though I never met him, it hurts to know he's gone. Seeing the outflow of love from the community is really amazing to watch and I hope is making it somewhat easier for Ashley and family.

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 11:32 pm

We all were there with you and Ash, celebrating her 30th Birthday! Havin' a ripped up blast of a great time, with you once again. Just like many other times over my recent years hangin' at GARCO.
Unexpectedly early you departed us. Riding off on your solo run, on a new route. Unknown and new, the route awaiting us all.
May you run far forever, never low on fuel. Run well, run easy, so we might catch up an share a cider, when our time comes to make your run.
Hadn't seen you in awhile till Swap'n'Drag this March past. Glad I came back before you headed out early.
We all only wish you stayed longer, for all to enjoy your company.
Always you will be missed, never to be forgotten and forever loved.
Take care on your run...and thank you for my knowing you Larry.

FTW, "Chopper Ed"

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 12:08 am

R.I.P. Larry

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 02:44 am

RIP Larry. "Ride on" on the other side

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 03:18 am

Rest In Peace Larry!

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 05:28 am

Nice work Lisa...

Beautifully wrought...

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 06:41 am

I don't have words. I am going to miss him. Truly a great man.

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 07:21 am

take a moment and take in what you have, your friends, family and loved ones. Its a short life.

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 08:55 am

RIP Larry. How about some type of tribute to Larry at Born Free?

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 10:25 am

I didn't get to spend much time with this man but instantly I knew he was a genuine individual. Rest in peace Larry.You will be missed but we will never forget you.

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 10:38 am

I am so glad I got to know you, even if it wasn't for that long. You were such a great man and a true brother. I am thankful for you always takin the time to talk with me when I called you or when you were busy at shows, and I know I talked your ear off on the diablo run when your battery died an you were stuck with me on the side of the road, ha ha ha.. Gonna miss you brother...


Commented on 4-15-2014 At 11:09 am

People always say, "why would this happen to such a good person?" I believe it happens to show the rest of us that we are mortal. We are all gonna die. The good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the bearded, the bald headed. Death does not discriminate. Today, tomorrow, 25yrs from now? No one knows.

Life is about LOVE. Things you love, hobbies you love, places you love and most importantly PEOPLE YOU LOVE. I think this awful shit happens to show all of us that we need to love each other more. Especially if you are close to someone. Tell them and show them how much you love them. And, don't forget about this in a week, or when your mind is full of internet and IG chatter. Make it a habit! Smile at a stranger. Make it a habit! Help someone out. Make it a habit! If we all do this our world will be a better place. And who doesn't want a better place to live?

One thing that Larry's death has shown is that we all care in this community, whether we know someone personally or through social media. We are all in this for the same reasons mostly. I followed Larry and his shop from afar like a lot of you. I admire him even more now after all the things people have said about him and the way he lived his life. Rest in peace, dude. I believe he is surrounded by pure LOVE now and that is pretty cool. My condolences to Ashley. Think good thoughts for her.

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 04:29 pm

Ride In Paradise Larry.

May the Southern Cross guide you!!

Commented on 4-15-2014 At 08:52 pm

For the last 2 days, I've thinking about this tragedy... I've never wrote a post on the forums, or give opinions, about this or that.

I'm not a people person. - (only sell stuff on the classifieds section now and then)- but I really feel this time I should write the following...

I 've never met him... I saw him on a couple of times, at some show and then at BF5, both times I passed by him, and I really wanted to tell him, how he made me laugh on his videos. and what a good eye, skill and taste he had...

more important to me at least, how sincere and
genuine he looked... and you can tell that he loved what he did. Only somebody who loves what he/ she does, excels in this life, and He did.

why I didn't stopped and said that to him?, well because I have met a lot of builders, or people in this industry. and a lot of them are exactly the opposite of what you admired or look up to.

full of themselves, and sadly act like they are doing you a favor talking to you.

and then you get disappointed... well, the only one disappointed this time is me. because I didn't stop, introduce myself and say hi.

see, both times I saw him laughing, surrounded by people and making them laugh. and I said to myself... maybe they're his buddies, don't want to interrupt... what a shame.. only if I could.

And I guess that's the lesson I got to learn from this, stop for a moment... do what you feel and tell somebody today, how great they make you feel.

my prayers go to his family...

Vaya con Dios, Larry.

Commented on 4-16-2014 At 09:23 am

Meet Larry several years back at a bike show in Atlanta. Genuinely nice guy.
Sad news. RIP Larry.

Commented on 4-16-2014 At 05:51 pm

I can only hope that when I die people say a fraction of all the good things said about this guy. I regret never meeting him in person.

Commented on 4-16-2014 At 10:08 pm

Though short a life well lived.

Commented on 4-18-2014 At 04:25 am

Man Im gonna miss this guy. And I never met him. I was talking the other day to a friend and said we need to take a drive from pensacola and meet this man. Never will get that chance but ride on bro. Your the man.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 07:32 am

Ride In Peace, Larry
Condolences to Ashley & family

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