Playin' Possum


I met A.J. Johnson about five years ago when he started renting a spot at The Hole In The Sky garage here in Indianapolis. A.J. has been rad as fuck since Day One and he's one of the best dudes in Indy. He’s our Manchild, as I like to call him. From blasting around the streets of downtown to ripping fast as fuck through the countryside, he rides the shit out of his bike.



There is never a dull moment either riding around with AJ, hanging out at the local Honky Tonk or relaxing on the porch. The day he got his bike back after putting his 33” over front end on his bike we all knew this was going to be a bitchin summer. It's definitely THE YEAR OF THE DOG!!!!!


Photographs by Benny Stucker



Owner name, location: A.J. Johnson, Indianapolis Indiana

Bike name: Playin’ Possum

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 96” generator shovelhead, Delkron cases STD heads



Frame: Shovel front, Pan hardtail

Fork: 33” over-rigid front end, built by Mike Reed

Chassis mods: Transmission mount had been modified wraps around the frame for a seamless look - also done by Mike Reed.



Tire/wheel size and style: 16” juice drum rear wheel with a Firestone dirt tire and 21” front with a 2.5” front tire

Favorite thing about this bike: my favorite thing about the bike is that it is just fuckin goes no bullshit no-frills pure function

Next modification will be: I don’t plan on changing much just riding more actually putting more miles down.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I don’t have any stories other than riding in the rain more than in the sun, and laying it down in an intersection on the way to our local watering hole on Thursdays - but that rear tire sucks, and you'll have that. The rigid frontend has only been on the bike for a matter of months now I'm kind of a test dummy for the thing, but its three years in the making getting the bike to where it is now and I think I might finally be willing to paint and chrome it.



I'd like to thank everyone who ever had a hand in on this thing - an idea or whatever, you all know who you are: Sully, Mike, Benny, Doug, Mumbles, Kyle, and Danny. Big thanks to Jorr, Alex, Lyndsie, Dion, Cogan, John, Christian the both of you turds, Ben, Dave, Andrew, and anyone else who has ever kicked a part my way, offered advice, or answered a call to pick me up. All you guys are the best, and I wouldn’t have this ridiculous machine without you guys. -A.J. 



Article and photographs are by Benny Stucker

Website / @benny_stucker

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Commented on 9-10-2018 At 09:15 am

fucking rad

Commented on 9-10-2018 At 06:03 pm

One slick lookin rat!

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