Noise Cycles Evo-Powered Short Chop


Noise Cycles humbly churns out a wide variety of finely-crafted, interesting motorcycles. While many builders or shops have an indentifiable format, Scott "T-Bone" Jones' style is more flexible and he has broad range that shows both craftsmanship and diversity. His black gennie Shovel won Best California Bobber and Best in Show earlier this month at the David Mann Chopper Fest in Ventura, CA. That machine is luxurious in detail and was never without a crowd around it at the show. Meanwhile, this understated beast sat quietly in front of the Noise booth. In a sea of metal flake peacocks it's simplicity made it a standout. The fact that it has a contemporary (by our standards) and reliable power plant that's often over looked by today's top builders made it even more interesting. Why not? Evos are plentiful, fun to ride, and as this bike proves - they make great donors for custom bikes.



Owner: John Riley 

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1996 H-D evolution

Frame: Paughco

Fork: 39mm HD

Chassis mods: None 

Tire/wheel size and style: Stock HD 16" Avon mark II out back/spool wheel 21" Speedmaster up front

Favorite thing about this bike: The stock Evolution power

Next modification will be: replacing the replacing front 21 with a 19 .

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: The bike came here after it had been three other configurations. frisco sporty tank, ribbed brittish fender with cute lil struts, solo seat and tall zbars.

so I ...

Split 5 gallon tanks, reworked early hinged fender, made a seat that's like velcro, bars that are sweet, internal throttle that goes Boom, early fatkid foot pegs oooohhhh and those sexy fork tube covers. All done in house at Noise.

Thanks to: the man upstairs, beautiful wife and kids, paint by Bondo, xstevex, and the one and only Jar Jar Binks with those eyes.

Check out more of Scott's work at: NoiseCycles

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Commented on 12-24-2012 At 05:09 am

Super clean bike, I'd ride it all year long.
Keep up the great work.

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 05:09 am

Super Simple and Clean

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 06:09 am

its nice to see an evo get some props

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 06:16 am

Beautiful ride!

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 07:18 am

Well done indeed. It's good to see builders using the cheap and plentiful evo. I love my flat side but have built entire chops for what it cost to score a running motor today. Super clean sled indeed. The evo is FUN, cheap to build (can be done on a budget) and reliable as a pet rock. Dig it.

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 07:22 am

Nice-n-clean... love the tanks!

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 07:43 am

I love this bike. I'm starting to plan my next project and this bike just made me re-think my direction! Great pictures Billdozer!

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 09:40 am

Great bike, real nice color!

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 12:08 pm

Dam, that's a very nice bike.

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 03:55 pm

That is FUCKIN SWEET . Simple clean .

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 03:56 pm

That is FUCKIN SWEET . Simple clean .

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 06:59 pm

The gray is killer. Never was a bright metal flake guy. Props to the Evo too. I would ride the shit out of this bike. So well done.

Commented on 12-24-2012 At 08:25 pm

Gonna have dreams about that scoot

Commented on 12-25-2012 At 06:43 am

perfectly done.

Commented on 12-25-2012 At 08:45 am

Simple and clean ride!!!!

Commented on 12-25-2012 At 04:27 pm

perfect horse for a Confederate general...EVOs rock!! Mr. James said build an evo if you want to ride on the freeway without being run over by a granny in a fast moving suburban....

Commented on 12-25-2012 At 06:31 pm

Fuck that is clean....super super clean

Commented on 12-25-2012 At 07:27 pm

"build an evo if you want to ride on the freeway without being run over by a granny in a fast moving suburban"

But Lord help you on this one if she's in front of you and she suddenly slams on the brakes....

Commented on 12-26-2012 At 11:21 am

MAN ! them are some sexy ass bar's . were can i get a pair?

Commented on 12-26-2012 At 02:46 pm

Where do I start!? Such a beautiful build!

Commented on 12-26-2012 At 04:21 pm

Evos destroy.

Commented on 12-26-2012 At 04:39 pm


Commented on 1-1-2013 At 04:32 pm

I'm seriously in love...beautifully executed

Commented on 1-4-2013 At 06:20 pm

Very nice, good work bud

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 02:44 am

She's a beauty! Personally I'd keep the 21" spoolie as opposed to going to the 19. Why mess with perfection?

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 07:36 am

thanks everyone for the comments

Commented on 1-22-2013 At 05:11 pm

Sweet ride. Love the paint scheme and tank.

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