New Ownership & New Opportunities at ChopCult


When McGoo and I launched in 2009, we did so with limited knowledge of the growing realm of “social media.” We wanted to assemble a community for people just like us: blue-collar guys who enjoy building and riding custom motorcycles. We dedicated a lot of time and energy to make ChopCult as good as possible within the scope of our abilities, but ultimately, members quickly became the people who made ChopCult unique.

Thanks to the participation and support of every builder, bikerider and entrepreneur who trusted us with the keys to their domain, ChopCult thrived. Citizens if this site share knowledge and experience on what has become one of the most robust original news resources, forums and social networks in today’s growing motorcycle world.

Today ChopCult has reached a place where two men with day jobs and a handful of hard-working part-time moderators and contributors can no longer keep pace with the needs of its audience. Even simple things like membership approval and forum moderation take time, and we take even these mundane tasks seriously. Consequently, site improvements conceived by us or suggested by CC members could and often did take months and sometimes years to execute. We did the best we could but there are only so many hours in the day. To manage ChopCult’s growth and relevance at its current size and pace, changes had to occur.

Beginning January 1, 2013, will be owned and operated by KaiStream Inc. KaiStream is a social-media management company with the staff and financing to do things for ChopCult we never could. KaiStream is not a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, but specialists in running sites like this one. Their passion for social networks and understanding of user groups’ needs is real. ChopCult’s new owners are impressed with the community spirit of the site and have told us any subtle changes they might make will be months down the road, and will be done in the interest of keeping ChopCult growing and thriving just as it does today.

So, what does this mean to ChopCult members? Hopefully, the transfer from our old server to KaiStream's new one will be seamless. ChopCult may go "dark" a few hours around midnight PST this evening, but no other hassles are likely. Of course, the new owners pledge never to sell or share any personal information of our 25,000 members and nearly 175,000 monthly visitors, and all content will remain intact. In months to come, KaiStream may make improvements to the forum and/or classifieds that we haven’t been able to execute due to lack of time and financing.

Even dedicated full-time Internet companies have manpower limitations, so two current ChopCult features that won't make the cut are the miles redemption and CC merch stores. Members have until January 31, 2013 to cash in accumulated miles on their odometer for prizes in the redemption store, and we’ll satisfy orders for t-shirts and other ChopCult merch through the same date. On February 1 the odometers will exist to quantify your involvement on ChopCult for other members.

If you are an active ChopCult member, new ownership is committed to keeping the site your favorite online home. Casual visitors and hard-core members alike are unlikely to notice any significant changes, and that’s a good thing. If you’re a ChopCult advertiser, KaiStream’s full-time staff for account services will put our efforts in this department to shame. Advertisers: look to your email in-boxes this weekend for information from McGoo on business protocol moving forward.

KaiStream will reach out to active members for assistance with moderation and content generation as soon as other business is handled, but you don't have to wait. To volunteer your name or just join the conversation, please weigh in on this thread in the main forum.


Bottom Line: ChopCult will be the same as it ever was, only better, and McGoo and I can focus on other interests.


To the thousands of friends, contributors, industry players, fellow builders and bikeriders we’ve met through over the years, thanks for your support. We look forward to participating on here as members, and can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

Sincerely yours,


Billdozer and Halwade     

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Commented on 1-5-2013 At 01:18 pm

Congratulations Guys!

Thanks for all the time & effort over the years.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 01:27 pm

So no added conspiracy theory here huh? laying it all out there for us "norm" to see hahaaha thanks for everything- now make some more cool parts!!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 02:34 pm

Cha Ching!!!!!!!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 02:57 pm

keep it real hopefully youll have more time to ride. thats what really matters

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 03:00 pm


Commented on 1-5-2013 At 03:18 pm

Well, I just joined the site yesterday and I can't even tell you how betrayed I feel about all this. JUST KIDDING! I hope you made a lot of cash.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 03:21 pm

You're buying first round next time I see you guys!!!!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 03:33 pm

have a great time; walneck's was never the same either.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 03:36 pm

Stand tall my friends! I'd say few men have made so many good times for so many "bikeriders" as Bill, McGoo and crew. The positive impact on the modern chopper movement will be felt for years to come, my only hope it the community works to keep 33 alive. -Bear

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 03:49 pm

All I needed to read was "KaiStream is not a group of motorcycle enthusiasts," to know that this is the end. It felt good to support a grassroots/small biz gig, but now, not so much.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 04:24 pm

Good luck guys and thanks for all you've done. I have really enjoyed Chop Cult. It's been great but I think the race is run. Regardless I wish you every success in whatever you do next. Slainte Papa

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 04:35 pm

I better cash in my miles then..

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 04:42 pm

I haven't been on here in a while, albeit I still check the forums once in a while. But the knowledge on here pulled me out of many near disasters and head scratchin what-the-fuck moments. While I wish ye's all the best whatever you do, this place will change and not for the better. The networking, the publicising of events and companies, 33 served a valuable purpose. I doubt that a seemingly unknown and faceless corporation will coninue to nurture that in the way you guys have. CC will be missed....

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 04:50 pm

Thanks for creating a "free" home for us to sell our parts, promote events and showcase our businesses. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the motorcycle scene.
Wishing Bill, Harold and the crew the very best for 2013 and can't wait for the EDR!
Live long and prosper

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 05:00 pm

Good for you guys.

Time is a valuable commodity and it should be spent pursuing the things that really drive you. Thank you for all the energy you've put forth!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 05:00 pm

Change is inevitable. I've dug the site and sent plenty of my crew this way in the last few years. Bought and sold a lot of parts to and it's all been good. Jockey Journal and now CC, God help us all.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 05:59 pm

thanks for a great site.goodluck to you guys.i guess its a wait and see what happens.the JJ seemed to bounce back after a short while.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 06:02 pm

Happy New Year and good luck. See you guys at EDR.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 06:03 pm

say goodnight, Dick.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 06:17 pm

goodnight, Dick.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 07:20 pm

All good things got to come to an end. Ride on, guys!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 08:48 pm

You two have done a shitload for this weird obsession of ours - thanks for all your efforts!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 09:08 pm

Bill and Herold
I'm sadden to hear the news, but happy for you! I will miss you and your great editorials that make Chop Cult what it is. The best of luck in your next adventure. I hope to meet you at EDR. Peace out and keep your wheels rolling....


Commented on 1-5-2013 At 09:32 pm

I presume that most of us liked this site because it stepped outside the box and dared to be the place that people that ride can get to see what's happening around the world in regards to this "hobby" of ours.
I for one have been introduced to things here that mainstream magazines just couldn't do.
I am gratefull for all of it, the tech, the jokes, the broads, the fighting over opinions and the snappy conversation.
Thank you thank you.
I for one will stick around to see how this new phase works itself out.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 09:35 pm

Congrats and thanks!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 09:40 pm

Seriously, Thank You to you both. Efforts like the ones of yours are what this deal is all about

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 10:12 pm

I completely understand. Sell when on top... no one wants you at the bottom. Jockey Journal sold to and I can't fault you all for selling to Kai, assuming the time is right. The goal in any business is to start something.... have it "land" with an audience, then get out at the right time. Sounds like you all did just that and I congratulate all for it.
Hope it stays cool, but doubtful. Part of what makes enthusiast businesses "connect" is the fact that they are run by "enthusiasts". take the enthusiast away and its just a site promoting a product or service. That's not a bad thing, but its just different. I stopped doing websites for friends and brothers a year ago for the same reasons you all are citing. I totally get it!

Best of luck, hope you all made a fat stack. If not, hope you at least get some personal time back. I can totally relate!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 10:17 pm

sell-outs!!! Just kidd' i'm not

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 10:21 pm

WER RASTET, DER ROSTET- "Who rests, rusts..."
Good luck, guys ! I don't have enough miles to buy anything, can I donate them to somebody??
Hope the site doesn't plunge into the depths of mediocrity, I've enjoyed it this far!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 10:24 pm

you and Magoo built and set up a decent little "On Line Money maker".
You guys deserve the just reward for all your hard work.... I say good for you.

I've seen this before, I believe the C/C will live on just fine and I'll continue to enjoy it.

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 10:26 pm

You guys will probably just turn into your typical Wealthy pricks...:)

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 11:03 pm

I looked Kaistream up on google...It will be interesting to see what will come of this...I am really sorry to say, but I feel the majority of the people I associate with will not accept this type of sell out...its cool and all, I would sell my soul too I guess...but I feel these Kai Stream people will take the soul of what ChopCult is and run it into the ground...i just don't like the idea of someone taking over something they haven't a fucking clue what its about or who its about...I really hate bitching, try my best not to be negative, and honestly do not blame the guys for selling, but it leave a bad taste in my mouth...I get it and all, but just voicing my thoughts...THANK YOU CHOP CULT FOR YOUR SUPPORT OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS...MY EVENTS, MY BUDS, AND THIS LITTLE SLICE WOULDN'T BE WHAT IT IS WITHOUT CHOP CULT, KINDA SOUNDS GAY TO SAY THAT BUT ITS TRUE, ITS PRY THE END OF ANY SUPPORT FROM AND NOW ITS ALL ABOUT US SUPPORTING CHOP CULT NOW ANYWAY..THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUPPORTING THE DIRTBAG SHOW AND THE OTHER SHOWS OUT THERE....

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 11:25 pm

Make it rain!! Thanks for all the hard work fellas!!

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 11:49 pm

wow, i feel like i just started here and i love the community. I hope we can keep this thing going in one way or another

Commented on 1-5-2013 At 11:52 pm

Congrats. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site.

Commented on 1-6-2013 At 12:39 am

The only other place I've come to know in society as warm and welcoming as the ChopCult is the Strip club. Thanks for the incredible work you two, best of luck in your future endeavors. Keep on Choppin!

Commented on 1-6-2013 At 01:31 am

Thanks for all you've done. I learned a lot here. I agree with many, I don't trust a non bike related crowd to carry this forward in any respectable condition.
I will confess to being just another of those who flies through free web sites and rarely buys any merch or donates any help, so my right to complain is nil.
Get out an ride!

Commented on 1-6-2013 At 03:06 am

Fair play to you both,
You put in the effort-now reap your rewards,
This site is brilliant,
It is a bottomless pit of knowledge.
My bike was standard till I started on this site.
Its now chopped! trying to emulate some of the bikes on this site.
YOU DID THAT!... thank you.

Commented on 1-6-2013 At 08:42 am

Sorry to see you guys go! Now more time for riding for you guys! Now will someone at Kaistream please approve Vintage Triumph Supply to be in the Chop Market Forum, we sent a request awile ago!!

Commented on 1-6-2013 At 06:34 pm

Wow, fuck you chop cult.
I'll hang around till its fucked.

Commented on 1-6-2013 At 06:54 pm

BTW, since the server switch early this morning, this story is not appearing on the home page. I will continue to try to get it to show up there. (If you click the NEWS tab at the top, it's listed with all of the other stories.) I don't want to redo it because it will lose all the comments, and these are obviously important. New story coming tomorrow morning anyway, so if I don't get it fixed tonight it doesn't matter much. Thanks for the comments guys, good or bad!

Commented on 1-6-2013 At 07:24 pm

Congrats and Thanks to both of you!!

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 12:52 pm

Thanks for hating us all those years!

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 01:25 pm

Thanks again for all your hard work and for all the great times and friends i have meet thru this awesome site . Its been an great experience learning , riding , and laughing my ass off. This is the only social media site i use and will continue to use . I wish you guys the best . Enjoy your free time and thanx

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 03:13 pm

Right on so far guys.... miles miles miles

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 03:45 pm

If ya both feel like ya miss us and start up symptom new....lets us know! Thanks for the ride...

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 04:40 pm

What can I say it was a good run while it lasted thanks fellas for a kickass site sorry to see it go!

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 04:45 pm

no way the cult is what ?sold ?,gone?,changeing into a fashion statement on what hair jelll to use ?wait a minute the junk pile has that ,,,ahhh,,no dont take the hot babes ,,,,seriously,I hope the 3/3, can ride on

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 05:11 pm

Hmmmm? I'm always apprehensive when I see a new owner that is not involved in the centric premise of a site take over, because I've witnessed a lot of em really suffer because of it.

IF Kai Stream Inc is of a politically correct vent, wow! I can just see the devastation to come.

I'm just voicing my main concerns. No suicide post yet, but I'm just in observation mode now to see how it all goes.

I dunno..... I guess were in wait and see mode for now.

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 06:20 pm

CHEERS!!!! Glad you got paid.
Now I gotta go flip my CHOP CULT patch upside down.

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