Mystery Triumph


During last month's visit to Classic Cycles in Orange, California, Brit bike guru and shop proprietor Tony Dunn rolled out this sexy supermodel. Triumphs are popping up like Romney banners behind the Orange Curtain, and the mysterious customer who owns this red rider gets my vote for top chop this political season.



We'd like to tell you more about this stunning candidate, but its owner appears to prefer anonymity. In lieu of solid details, these photos will have to speak for today's entry on the ChopCult ticket. Please enjoy, and remember to vote November 6.

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Commented on 10-11-2012 At 07:27 am

Hell yeah those pics speak volumes!

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 08:10 am

This is a truly gorgeous pre unit and I bet it runs better than new coming from Classic!

Question: I don't see a chain tensioner, nor do I see any scuffs on that beautiful paint, so is it not needed on this bike?

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 08:39 am

nice triumph

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 08:53 am

Red Riding Hood all the way!!!

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 09:00 am

love the color.....hhmmm..maybe I'll do mine red instead of black....

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 09:52 am

i was able to catch a glimpse of it early in the build. Man those guys always do some kick ass work!

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 02:17 pm

Pretty, pretty......pretty good.

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 05:37 pm

Im maddaddy, and i aprove this messege (beautiful)

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 06:03 pm

I m a fan of everything about this bike but the rear taillight.

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 06:53 pm

good looking, ya could bounce a quarter on it!

Commented on 10-11-2012 At 08:29 pm

Absolutely gorgeous

Commented on 10-12-2012 At 09:01 am

ok here's some details on the bike...

It started out life as a 1959 Bonneville then during the 70's it was transformed into a molded swing arm framed chopper painted Union Jack red,white and blue like the Austin Powers XKE. (ugg!)
Then sometime then in the late 70's it was caught in a flood where it was under water for several days. The owner lost interest in it and let it rust away for almost 40 years,
Then he gives it to his son who brings the bike to us for a total re-do, The son sees another candy red pre unit we had in our shop at the time and flips out.
Yes, it was a total rusted piece of shit, but it still had a lot of sentimental value.
So we changed it to a 6" over rigid and rebuild everything, he wanted everything painted candy red with white seat and grips, originally he wanted white wall tires too, but I had to draw the style line in the sand and refused to do it. As for the license plate mounting this was the original fender, light and plate so it all had to stay.
At the point in the pics where Magoo photographed the bike has been road tested and is ready to go back to the owner.
Yes, the customer prefers to remain anonymous, I can tell you he is a great guy.

Commented on 10-12-2012 At 11:13 am

Tony is just a triumph god and his advice and involvement as a 33er has made a few of my dead British beasts come to life. Great guy, great builder

Commented on 10-12-2012 At 11:36 am

killer bike!

Commented on 10-12-2012 At 05:55 pm

Fantastic job, great styling.
I tell you what, newer machines just plain do not have the style of the older iron. Look at engines of newer bikes, blocky, hidden, water cooled, everything hidden and electronics that can fail like snapping your fingers leaving you stranded. The older engines had style with art and function and break downs can be fixed on the side of the road in most cases, newer engines just function and don't excite the senses at all.

Commented on 10-13-2012 At 04:12 am

Ive seen this bike in pics with the owner. Well I think it may have been the former owner. Either way dude is a cool cat.

Commented on 10-13-2012 At 06:17 am

I thought it was another bike.I didn't read the story torch wrote before I posted.

Commented on 10-13-2012 At 08:58 pm

we built two bikes very similar, the first one was here.....

Commented on 10-15-2012 At 12:26 am

aside from the fact he builds extremely professional and beautiful bikes, tony would have to be one of, if not the most helpful person on the brit forum. kudos!

Commented on 10-15-2012 At 08:30 am

That thing is SOLID looking! Reminds me of some nice Trumpet scoots a small shop in Nashville, TN is putting out called Southern Cycle. Gotta love those Brit chops!

Commented on 10-20-2012 At 12:13 pm

that bike is sweet!!!

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