Max Esposito's Brass Tacks


Sometimes, things just happen. These opportunities just fall in your lap and demand that you let them materialize organically. That is really what happened with this feature. I met Max on our long and slow ride up to the Biltwell Kernville Kampout. He came out to the ride meet up because of previous plans falling through. It was complete happenstance that we met. After seeing Max's bike shining in the sun, I knew I wanted to shoot it. We made open-ended and ambiguous plans to shoot it at a later date. That Saturday morning up at Kern, our merry little camp of misfits, led by Dumptruck, went for a ride to check out the Sequoias. We ended up bobbing when we should have weaved and ended up in the middle of nowhere in complete solitude. Nowhere near the Sequoias. It was the perfect spot to have an impromptu photo session, so I had Max haul his bike into the woods. Sometimes you need to snatch opportunities the second you recognize them because there is no way we will ever end up out there again. Now dim your monitor and enjoy this plated beauty.



Owner name, location: Max Esposito, orange county

Engine, year and make model, modifications: 2007 Harley-Davidson Nightster 1200.



Chassis Mods: 4’’ stretch hardtail

Tire/wheel size and style: front is a 21 Speedmaster laced up on a wargasser spool. The rear is a stock 16’’ spoke with a Coker classic.



Favorite thing about this bike: It took me a few years to get the bike to where it is now. Every year doing a little more or changing something. I like what it transformed into. For me, it was important not to mess with the functionality/ dependability of the bike. it’s hard to customize a bike and keep it reliable. I ride the sh*t out of this bike and do an uncountable amount of camp trips on it, so that was important.



Favorite part of the bike is just that, reliable with mad style.



Next modification will be: More brass?



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Chain conversion, handmade intake, oil bag, just about every bracket, exhaust, sissy bar, etc.



Big thanks to fabrication/paint wizard Nick Cetrangolo for doing amazing work. 


Follow Max on Instagram.


Article and photographs by Nick Faught / @nfaught_photography

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