Love Cycle First Anniversary Party


The Time: Saturday, January 16, 2010. The Place: Love Cycles in Phoenix, AZ. The Reason: Does anyone need a reason to drink booze, meet chicks, eat food, listen to music and check out choppers in the Arizona sun?

ChopCultist Jeremiah at Love Cycles is inviting all his friends, vendors and customers to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Love Cycles in two weeks.

Details on the event can be seen on the flyer below, or this thread.

Billdozer and I will be attending this event to enjoy the festivities, and if we see any exceptional iron we'd love to shoot it for future features on If you catch us lagging, drag us over to your machine and let's make it happen.

Congratulations, Jeremiah. See you on the 16th.



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Commented on 1-2-2010 At 03:27 pm

I HATE being in NJ at times like this! Have a ball and let's see the pics.

Commented on 1-2-2010 At 03:44 pm

Friday Jan 15: a small posse will be meeting 0700 at Swing Inn in Old Towne Temecula for breakfast before the ride to Phoenix. Mike D and I will be driving auto advance party, and can haul small backpacks for 2-3 dudes if required. So far the rider head count is Billdozer, Oscar and Joel. More are always welcome. Post comments on this thread or news feed if interested.

Commented on 1-2-2010 At 06:15 pm

Aah that party is gonna be bunk just a bunch of old motorcycles in the desert in january where riding weather is like 70 it is gonna suck don't waste ur time

Commented on 1-2-2010 At 11:16 pm

Where is the camping going to be for those of us staying overnight?

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 07:03 am

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 07:18 am

Man, I so wish I could be there!

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 09:32 am

Damn. Wish I could go.

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 09:41 am

There is a big dirt lot behind the shop if u feel like sleepin on the dirt cheap motels are close

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 11:57 am

We're hooking up a ride after the show to the local spot - Bandaids... you know you wanna go Jeremiah...

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 01:02 pm

Sunday morning there will be a little ride up to south mountain and aroud phoenix... bandaids I don't know about that

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 01:25 pm

i am planning on making the journey from the cold white north.

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 01:30 pm

fuck i wish i could go

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 03:37 pm

[quote]if we see any exceptional iron we'd love to shoot it [/quote]

if you see any exceptional chicks, that would be worth a shot too :)

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 03:58 pm

I'm working on rounding up an Ojai posse to ride out. 3 so far. Maybe we'll meet up with you guys on the way.

Is Lobster girl riding in the chase truck with y'all?

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 06:17 pm

Man I HAVE to move someplace warm...

Commented on 1-4-2010 At 12:27 pm

Are you ridin, flyin, drivin, amtrackin, greyhoundin? I would consider it if the A-Bomb is running. Not sure I can trust her that far. Man I hate riding through Beaver in the fall, winter, spring, I ALWAYS get snowed on....


Commented on 1-4-2010 At 08:19 pm

oh yeah gonna try to gather some bros and ride from so cal. hope i can make it.

Commented on 1-5-2010 At 07:47 pm

Bandaids!!! Nothing like gettin a lapdance, herpes, and some tweak in one place.

Commented on 1-8-2010 At 04:45 pm

i can make this one! to bad i dont have a bike right now

Commented on 1-12-2010 At 09:20 am

is "j cruz" the artist? where can i see more of his drawing?

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